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Triggers in the house

Sunday, May 06, 2012

There is a "Hot" topic on the message boards about keeping triggers in the house and I noticed that I get a little annoyed by opinions like "it´s your responsibility not to eat them, it is your boyfriends right to eat them if he wants"

Of course I can´t restrict other people to eat or drink just because I have a problem with it. But as I have experienced that it is easier for me to stay away if they are not in reach or sight, I am trying to create a surrounding that helps me. And I am asking my friends to help me too by not bringing cookies to my house, not giving me chocolate boxes etc.

And I would not dream of giving a box of chocolate to somebody who has told me that he or she was a binge eater who was trying to avoid sugar – just as I would not dream about giving a bottle of whisky to a sober alcoholic.

So why do I get annoyed about posts that shows that the writer has no clue about compulsive eating and probably thinks it is a question about "character"?

Probably because deep down I agree... I think that my inability to stay with healthy eating all the time is due to me being weak and "bad".

My experience has taught me that there is a lot I can do to help myself _ I can eat healthy and balanced meals, that helps me to handle cravings, I can avoid shopping when I am too hungry, I can shop with a list that allows no "impulses" I can keep triggers out of the house.

ALl changes towards healthy habits comes easier if I set it up right. I have found that I stick to exercising regularly if I do it in the mornings - postponing it to the afternoon is not a good idea because I am often too tired. I have also found that IF I need to exercise in the afternoon it is easier if I make do it together with somebody, I can´t let a friend down. I have found it easier to do it if I have the right equipment and make it easy to get going... to arrange everything to make it as simple for myself as possible to get going is sane, wise and in fact kind of clever... so why don´t I respect my weakness for eating as much. I do arrange a lot to avoid overeating or binges and it works well... but I still feel embarrassed about it I obviously still have an idea (on a subconscious level) that I should be "strong" and able to handle food without any precautions.

When I truly get rid of that idea I will not be provoked by any posts that says that it is all a question about will power... I´m not there yet but on my way!
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  • SILLYHP1953
    If I have trigger foods in the house I will eat them sooner or later. I do think it is our responsibility to tell people how those foods affect us and then if they continue to bring them into the house we should rethink our relationship. I know my MIL has no concept of "trigger" foods. I managed to not eat brownies at her house after dinner one night and she put brownies in a baggie and stuck them in my purse without me knowing. The next day I find them...and I ate them.

    One of the best things I've found for me is to force myself to drink a lot of water. If my body is hydrated I do a lot better.
    2704 days ago
    Yes, having triggers in the house is really a hard thing to deal with. I've been there many times myself. Last time we went grocery shopping I avoided buying anything that would tempt me. I also cannot control what my husband eats/decides to buy. I think your approach is a very good one. We need to keep our focus on our goals. Support is also key. I find I need to exercise in the morning too or else it can easily fall to the way side.

    2770 days ago
    I will exercise by myself but I do prefer a workout buddy. I can exercise at lunch or after work. I am somewhat tired by the afternoon but I push to get a couple of miles walking in. I usually lift weights at noon on my lunch break so I don't have to do both at one time. I am annoyed by co-workers bringing stuff in and insisting I eat it. They say, "just one won't hurt", etc. But sometimes just one is all it takes to send you off on a binge. I might get to the point of being around food and really be strong every time to not indulge. A little if ok, a lot not ok. I wish you a good day and thanks for a great blog.
    2770 days ago
    I turn a deaf ear to others opinions on trigger foods. It's one area where I don't believe we are created equal. Our struggles and triggers are different. I don't expect others to understand mine anymore; but I do expect respect. On the other hand, it's not a topic I discuss with just anyone; what's the point? Unless sharing my experience is somehow helpful I just plan somehow to deal with it. Sometimes less successfully than others. I believe it is an addiction of sorts; body chemistry, if you will. Yet, it's a strange list of foods: from, fruits, grains, sweets, dairy, fats. Allergies may enter in. I don't believe I've ever binged on naked vegetables!
    2770 days ago
    I am the Chef in our house. I make basically (with the exception of my husbands eggs in the morning) all the meals, and all the choices when food is involved. I prep it all, cook it all and serve it all. My husband knows better then to bring something i have not requested and food that would be a binge trigger into the house. He knows my sanity and his happiness are directly connected (for now) with being in control of the food and making healthy coices for our family as a whole. Nothing wrong with being in control with what comes in and out of your own home!!! I find its when im not in control, im in the most trouble!
    2770 days ago
    although it takes will power it also takes others to be supportive of your venture in weightloss because you are doing something to better your health and life
    2770 days ago
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