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Saturday, May 05, 2012

On Thursday I woke up very sore from my Firm it Up and really wanted to finish up my Week 2 of the C25 running program. My ambitious goal was to do 1.5 hours or all three of the days in one shot as I have done this week numerous times. Sounds fairly reasonable right?

When have I ever done anything that was fairfly reasonable and have it go right?

I start of with my five minute walk and already notice a problem.

You see, I can't find my bra.

You are probably wondering HOW this could possibly happen but in a house of four girls, it IS possible. The thing is I only own two and my boobies are smaller than that of my 13 year olds.....so I don't know why they'd have them...and if they do it's hidden in their drawer because they can't wear them. I can't wear theirs because...well, let's just face it...I need trainers basically.

So, I put on my Nike sports wear that my BIL bought me almost a decade ago and set off. I wanted to walk / run to Starbucks approximately six miles from my house and have my oldest pick me up. After the first five minutes I knew there was a problem. I thought it was odd that my yoga pants kept rolling down around my belling while doing my Hip Hop Abs, but now they were on my walk too....then the sports shirt started creeping up....and up....


I get to the stop light, adjust my clothing and purse. By the way....when going for a run, don't strap your purse around your neck...it doesn't bode well. It holds the iPhone/music pretty well, but thats about it. So here I am in my first run purse flapping against my butt, then my hip, then my belly and I slightly feel relieved because it's sorta hiding the crawling clothing trying to undress me in traffic.

After a mile or so of continually redressing myself in traffic and readusting my purse off my neck I head back home defeated.

this is the start of my budda belly poppin out....

Friday I still woke up sore and I was happy about this. I had planned on doing Shape it Up/Hip Hop Abs. I drove the kids to school and started to get the shakes. Then hot. Then shivers.

Uh oh.

I raced home in my little blue bug full of bird poo (birds love my car) and race in the door straight to the ladies room. Not even time to pick up a magazine.

You see, the week long Clean Eating excusion finally paid off.

Only then I wasn't hungry all day and as I felt exceptionally sore I took some meds...then I got sick.

really sick ~ only I didn't eat all day so it was just this retched sound with no "effect".

So I missed picking up my race packet for the GEMS race and I missed the race this morning. I'm so bummed. I did make my youngest go get my race packet though. She was a trooper and waited to get it, but got it for me. I bought her a Starbucks.

But, hubby's taking me the the run for cure next weekend. It's a walk, but the whole family is going and that sounds like a lot of fun.

Oh! I put the "right" dress on my background. This is the one that's in my "checkout" to order. I just need to hit "enter" haven't done it yet. I'm so nervous, but I just love this dress....so now my question is to you...which one do you like the best? I'm just curious. I'm getting the floral one because it's best for my complexion, but I just wanna hear your input...

MY dress!!! **www.modcloth.com**

My OTHER dress I want...LOL **www.modcloth.com**

now, to look for shoes.

today's goal IS: I'm going to finish cleaning the house. Laundry. That ever freaking load of laundry. The cuppeth that overfloweth into the halleth laundry.

Tomorrows goal is to finish my final paper on "Wives of stay at home Dads"

and in the interim of both I want to do my DVDs

and maybe even a run....but I won't push that...maybe a treadmill run.

close to the bathroom.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the dresses.
    SO FEMININE! Nice to see a woman who likes to dress LIKE A LADY. Never enough sun dresses...NEVER!
    But if I had to choose for you...the floral. It sings SUMMER, beauty, lovely, everything that is floral.
    Your a good Mommy. Sorry you missed your race...its summertime. There will be PLENTY OF THEM to come.
    Keep sparking!!
    2165 days ago
    Hilarious! I got a running fanny pack that holds a water bottle and just a few other things (phone, keys, credit cards) that I like really well from Camelback. I can hear the liquid sloshing if I don't wear headphones, of course, but I also have a running water pouch for longer treks like hiking that really doesn't have that problem. I have never run with it. Check out their site if you get sick of being beaten by your purse!
    They also have an insulated holder that fits around one hand if you want to keep your hand from freezing but don't want any carrying capacity.
    Dresses: I think your choice is GREAT!
    2166 days ago
    Rolling, creeping, bunching workout clothes.... there's nothing like being in fitness class and getting a glimpse of my big, whiter than white belly sticking out of m too-short tee in the GIANT MIRRORED WALL - who thought this was a good idea? Do people really check their form that religiously?
    PS. Happy to see you picked a pretty floral dress. I sold clothes for two years and no matter how great a woman looked in a garment, you knew that 9 times out of 10 she was going to wind up with something else in black anyway.
    2169 days ago
    Both dresses are super cute! I like the white one best but agree the floral will look great with your skin!
    2169 days ago
    It should be mandatory for running pants to have drawstrings plus elastic on the waist! Long drapey light-as-air running tops cover a multitude of sins, too... Can I suggest spreading out the C25K sessions as prescribed? They're spaced out for a reason... although it sounds like you're enjoying the pain!

    That sounds more like a bug than anything due to clean eating... hang in there! Hope you feel better!
    2169 days ago
    As soon as I saw your background, I knew it was a modcloth dress. I heart their dresses so much. Both are very pretty. I usually don't have a problem with my sports bras since I'm much like you and just don't have much up top. But my pants... I really shouldn't be putting off getting new running pants anymore. I jog and tug at my pants while I'm jogging. I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one with these "wardrobe malfunctions".
    2169 days ago
    I'm laughing with you, not at you...but I am so glad that I am not the only one who experiences these things! lol!
    2169 days ago
    Both dresses are rather cute. I like the simplicity of the pattern on the white, but the cut of the floral one is more appealing. Maybe you can eventually have both.
    2174 days ago
    awwww thanks everyone :o)
    2175 days ago
    I can see how the floral one would be good with your complexion. I like the white because the cut is so different and back in the olden days when I wore dresses, I had a couple similar white ones.

    I agree this was a very funny blog. Hope you are feeling better soon.
    2175 days ago
    After all that, I am sure that you deserve any dress - I do like the floral one, though.
    2175 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    OMG Cori!! You had me laughing so hard this morning!! You're too funny girl!
    Hope you're better today. I see Kim said she had that problem too...I don't recall that?? Hmm....not that I'm complaining!!

    I like the "OTHER" dress best! But you'll look great in either, or even both, of them!!
    2175 days ago
    Both dresses are beautiful! I shy away from white dresses because, despite vigilance, I always get a strange stain on white clothing.
    2175 days ago
    They both look great, but I like the floral one more :)

    Thanks for sharing your story - glad to hear others go through those things too!!

    2175 days ago
    OMG...you have me rolling like always. I guess I should have told you about the bathroom problem catching up to you. LOL I SO SO want that white and blue one. Might have to order that for this summer. emoticon
    It looks like you have washed and dryed your workout clothes too much...YES time to get new clothes.
    2175 days ago
  • _SASX_
    Isn't clothing malfunction just horrible sometimes? when it starts, its all I can think about while I'm wearing the malfunction.

    Glad that your clean eating has worked its way out.

    Like both dresses, but the white and blue is my personal fave. You'd look good in both!
    2175 days ago
    I love the floral dress but the different cut of the white is lovely.. Also I hope that the tummy troubles settle out soon..
    2175 days ago
    I love both those dresses, but I would get the floral! It's SO cute. :) I've always loved everything on modcloth but have been afraid of purchasing something lest it doesn't fit. Eeek. So I just do some online "retail therapy" and fill up my shopping cart with things I love but can't buy, haha.

    Anywho, hope you're feeling better. :) That's a LOT of determination you've got going on! So even though things didn't turn out the way you would have liked them to, you're still eager to get some exercising done, and that's what counts. Motivation is immensely important in getting yourself out there and fit, yeah?
    2175 days ago
    DEFINITELY the adorable floral one!!
    And your story... a RIOT. And something that would absolutely happen to me. And does. Except the bra thing....

    2175 days ago
    They are both really cute...but I have to agree the floral one would look great on you.....I would get the blue/white for me cause I LOVE blue!! Sorry your walk/run didnt go as planned.
    2175 days ago
    Yes, the floral one! Although the blue and white one is very pretty and would look great on you too! Why not get both? emoticon
    2175 days ago
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