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The Return of Megon

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Part of me wanted to title this blog The Triumphant Return of Megon. Or something really spectacular, you know? But I had to be real, folks. Ain't no shame in my game. I'm pretty much exuding all the positivity I can muster at this point, so we'll just stick with RETURN plain and simple. Ain't no adjectives gonna make this any prettier... :)

SO. I have been AWOL for a good couple weeks at least. What a couple of weeks. The shoulder has made a MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT, Thank you JESUS! Literally. It started feeling a bazillion times better at church last Sunday. And I have been back to VERY consistent running for the last 3 weeks. Another HALLELUJAH! I even ran a 5K last weekend and whooped its bootay - 1st place in my age and 3rd for ladies overall. How's that for a rusty runner girl!?

And even with those happy reports... something is just... Off. I dunno. Do any of you ever feel that way? Maybe it's because there are so many people around me who are going through physical challenges... I've been worried about a LOT of people lately. Maybe it's work. Which, OH.MY.GOSH. is pretty much KICKING.MY.BUTT.UP.AND.DOWN.TH
E.HIGHWAY.DAILY. UGH! Or maybe it's the sense of urgency I get sometimes to just be able to fix everything in the whole wide world for everyone I love... Maybe it's the never-ending grad school work, which is supposed to improve my career, which is pretty much driving me psycho right now.

I promise y'all I am not as tormented as I sound. At any rate my house is a mess and my body is SCREAMING at me to do something besides RUN and to start eating something besides coffee, Cheetos Puffs, and Carnation Instant Breakfast. Oh, I KNOW! It's AWFUL, isn't it!?!?

I haven't packed on a ton of weight, I just feel so sluggish through the day. And when I get to thinking about those stupid Cheetos and no weight lifting and all that mess... GYAH! I get so mad at myself. I mean, I am having a straight Mom-Teenage Daughter argument in my head.

Teen Megon: I hear you, Mom! You don't understand! I LOVE THEM.
Mom Megon: Well, when you are constipated and have another UTI, don't come CRYING TO ME about it.
Teen Mom: Whatevaaaahhh!!!
Mom Megon: Don't you WHATEVER ME! Go clean your room.
Teen Megon: I don't want to. I'm going to sit outside and do something totally unproductive!!!

We gotta get it together, Folks. This is getting a little ridiculous. I think I might need some help. Oi.

Anyways, one of my classes this semester has been about Counseling and Change... CHANGE. UGH! Lord knows I need some. So, in the spirit of higher knowledge, I share with all of you, My PLAN for the RETURN OF MEGON:

1. CLEAN UP THIS DANG HOUSE. It's a wreck, y'all. And I cannot function in this kind of mess. A girl has to be able to find her favorite pair of socks and running bra when the going gets tough. Right now, I cannot locate the L foot sock to my favorite pair and it is killing me. Mission today - FlyLady Crisis Cleaning and reorganizing of a few cabinets and drawers...

2. Put my old buddies back in place - my Morning and Evening Routines kept me sane for years. I have to keep my household humming and these are some tried-and-true standbys.

3. WEIGHTS. HEAVY ONES. REGULARLY. Taking it easy on the right arm/shoulder at first, of course. But my friends have collected dust for a full 2 months and we need to get to know each other again. Hopefully we are still on speaking terms.

4. FOOD. REAL FOOD. Salad. Broccoli. Eggplant. Tomatoes. Black Beans. Good, homemade goodness that I've been missing SO bad. Today after I finish cleaning house Little Boy and I are hitting up Ingles and buying out the produce section. Amen.

5. YOGA and Quiet times. I miss these so bad. I NEED these so bad.

SO, no HUGE stuff here. ALL things I have done in the past, and done well. All things I KNOW how to do and do well. And all things I am GOING to do AGAIN. CONSISTENTLY.

Consistency is the key.

Welcome back, Megon. I sure have missed you. I forgive you for having coffee and GF Cinnamon Toast this morning. Lunch will be better.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good to read a crazy-assed blog from you again! My life feels a bit psycho at the moment with FAR TOOOOOOOOOO much stress at work! It's completely stuffed up my sleeping which in turn is making me more stressed.
    So I have been really storming the pavements to try and shake it off! That is it as far as my plan goes, so your plan is WAY better!
    Although I have found a new cleaner to keep my house in order which is a HUGE relief, as like you, can't stand the mess and I just need my home time to be doing exercise or relaxing, not blimmin vacuuming and dusting!
    I'm glad your shoulder is feeling better, excellent work on your 5k run result, and just remember to go easy on those weights for starters!
    At least you're exercising and not just eating! Could be worse!
    2545 days ago
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