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What you can learn from a baby shower

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Well, especially when you are throwing it...uhg. I've learned that no matter how much planning goes into is still going to go crazy and there will be unplanned things happen... i've learned that it's going to be ok...some how some way it will get done... i've learned patience, especially when dealing with the hormonal momma to i've learned to give up some control...i'm not super woman, i can't do it all... i've learned that family is going to be there through it all...the good, the bad, and even the ugly...and let me tell ya, i got ugly at times... and i'm sure before the end of this, i will get ugly i've learned that perfect is a mystery...but in the end, it's the people in your life, your family, that matters most... i also know that we will laugh about all this one day...maybe not today... or maybe today...just from the sheer exhaustion we are i've also learned to appreciate the miracle... this has been stressful, no doubt about it... and the last couple days sleep is just an illusion... but as i think about my first... how she has miscarried once... tried for 3 years to get pregnant... and then all the problems she has had with this pregnancy... having to have 2 surgeries... one of them to keep the lil guy in and then her gall bladder... how each week that passed, we prayed for just 1 more week... she is almost at 32 weeks...wohoo!!! for me, a baby is a miracle always...but let me tell ya, this one really drives home what miracles really are all about... i've learned that making memories now to tell this lil miracle is what it is really all about... these months of going over to take care of her while she is on bed rest and planning the perfect baby shower, along with work and other family stuff that just did not wait until i had time... i've also learned that taking care of me is also important... most important in fact...i can't take care of them if i haven't taken care of me...

Today is the baby shower, and i'm sure these lessons will all be but in the end...i look at my beautiful daughter..the one that wanted children so badly... the one we wondered if she would be able to have a baby... i think about that precious little guy who stuck his tongue out at us at her last ultrasound... i see her belly growing...and moving... and i am so overwhelmed by the miracle of it all... i think about how we she was over due and didn't want to come out...and how this little guy is doing everything to get i'm also learning that being a grandparent is about these memories... i get to be the memory keeper... i get to store this all in my memory bank and one day tell my lil guy how his life was even before he was...
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