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Friday, May 04, 2012

Where the heck do i start? yesterday I knew it was coming...

Its always crazy right before a full moon, and right after. Usually I am happy on the days of...

It first started when my mom called to tell me she found an abandoned kitten... a newborn! She didnt know how to help it, She tried buying it a can of soft food.. and it didnt know how to eat it. I told her to bring it to me, seeing as I am Katwoman, (I even have a tattoo of a cat in my forearm) I went to pet supplies store and bought it a cat bottle and kitten milk. I help it go potty and feed it every few hours, acting like its mommy.

Then My daughter had an incident at school when her friend scratched her hard on her leg, in a mean retaliating way at school, they had to call me and filled out an incident report... Then my sister who is prego, went to pick up her b/f at work to find out he was at a bar getting drunk, and he is a mean drinker, so he was arguing defending himself drinking, the usual drunk talk ..., he hurt her hand squeezing her with his nails, , took off 2x on the highway, took the dog wit him with no collar, I went to try and find the dog, so did my mom, she ended up falling and broke her sandals trying to save the dog.... then he pulled it again and took off, all because he had to go drink?? wow. Hes young, but hes obviously not young enough to get someone pregnant, ya know!

finally he showed up when we werent there, broke in the house, and when they got home my Mom had some words with his little butt, and he just put her down bad, and was in her face disrespecting her... At this point, I am ready to go whoop his A#%! If I was there, I would have.

Then my sister later on tries to talk to him kindly and filling him in on what he did, and he was just very verbally abusive and wouldn't let her talk. She tried taking the t.v. away that !I loaned them! and he somehow hurt her in her stomach... remember shes prego! Can you imagine how angry I was, knowing I cant get over there...

Right at that moment my Mom gets a phone call saying how my brother has been in a bike accident... sport bike...

I flipped out so bad. I cried, screamed, prayed, I almost fainted...Kept praying aloud telling God that Im not ready for him to go yet... and then i found out his girlfriend Kylie was on the bike with him... They hit some gravel on the highway going up to speed and ended up flipping the bike. They both flew off, my brother was maybe 20 or so feet from the bike, and Kylie went blind for a second in shock I am sure, and was screaming for him. He was okay, and grabbed her and flew out of the lanes. Out here there is mainly 4 lanes of highway traffic... He dosent drink nor will even take an aspirin, so I felt so sad that something like this happened. After they got to the emergency room, I heard they will be okay. Alot of road rash! POOR KYLIE'S whole back is soooo badly rashed, I dont know what to do for her.

The fact they are alive is all I asked. I am so thankful!

Today I was very busy with my daughters appointment, taking Kylie to get her prescriptions, and other first aid items, etc. Then I had to go to store with my fiance, came back home, fed the kitten again and had 5 minutes to finally eat something! Then I had to leave to go get my daughter at school...

NOW I LEARNED THAT MY SISTER WHO HAD THE DRAMATIC BOYFRIEND WERE INVOLVED I A REAR END COLLISION... let me remind you again she is prego.. the doctor said she is okay, the guy that hit them was insured, and its being settled and they are okay thank god... But seriously what else is going on? Whats next? Theres other ninor drama also, but i think I have written enough. Time to continue cleaning my messy house, and try to exercize... p.s. the kitten is doing so good, I love its cuteness.

Also, I weighed in and found out I lost 2lbs! a total of 41lbs. I am not sure how, but i did... and I have a lot to be thankful for. My family is alive and okay.Dramatic, but okay.

Love my sparkfriends, and I look forward to seeing more progress. Here is a picture of my Little brother jerry.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    lgging is totally for you and still yr winning the battle of the bulge week in & out, keep up the great work!! emoticon
    2380 days ago
    I hope you can take some time just to take some deep breaths.
    2391 days ago
    What the heck did I just read? That is a lot for you to have to deal with, glad to hear you are venting and staying positive. With all those close calls it could of been much worse! At least everyone is safe now, even the kitten. I applaud you Katwoman! Stay strong!
    2391 days ago
    Sometimes in life everything happens all at once. I hope the rest of the week is better and your sister wises up and figures out a selfish drunk is no good to anyone.
    2391 days ago
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