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Friday, May 04, 2012

Okay here goes, Little Rock Fox ch 16 posted a story about a man convicted of beating an elderly person to death IN A CHURCH!!! He'll feed at the public trough for a long time.

As with most stories Ch 15 Fox posts on line, you can comment on the story, voice your opinion.

Here's my comment on the story:

You don't find this going on in an earthbased religion. And before you start condemning earthbased religion, read up on it, visit one of their circles, if you are lucky enough to be invited, get an education on it. It IS the oldest religion. The US Supreme Court ruled earthbased religion a valid religion, same as Baptist, Catholic, Methodist...etc. There are more of us out here than you know. Wake up folks this isn't the Bible anymore, it's the Griddle of the Goddess!!!!

Here's the link to the story- read it.


Would like to know what other pagans think!
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    This is a very sad event.

    I will do some reading after I post this. Having a kind and loving heart is not bestowed on Christians only. When you look around you we see violence in schools, on the streets, TV and radio programs, so would it not happen in the Church. Its not surprising. Should it happen? No. The key is as a community what can we do about it? No simple answers. emoticon

    No one on this earth is perfect. I just remember this when people do horiffic things. I then wonder what lead to this behavior. It doesn't excuse the behavior but it gives insight.
    2212 days ago

    I feel a rant comin on! LOL

    Personally I think its insanity. How did their Church get to the point that violence is breaking out like that?! Do they really think going to a seminar is going to make things better? Yes, there are always a few bad seeds but for violence in churches to be widespread enough that Pastors have to go to conferences to train them how to combat that- something isn’t right. How the heck are they leading the churches and what are they really preaching / not doing within the community?!

    This sort of stuff frustrates me. I have always said you get a bunch of the modern day religions and all of their different branches together and they duke it out. The hate they harbor for each other and anyone who doesn’t agree with them is just scary! You put a bunch of earth based spiritualists in a room that are from different branches and we party and celebrate life.

    The Christians, for example, have a whole Bible that can be interpreted to their needs whether it is good or bad. They can bend that word to suit them at any moment. If you break it down we have two simple rules: Harm thee none do what thou wilt & ever mind the rule of three whatever you do comes back to thee. You cannot sugar coat those. They are very clear. If you live by those two phrases and you become a bit more conscious about the things you do, say, and feel. You tend to let go of all the gobbledygook and live simply in a place of love.

    Religion now a days seems to be a huge money maker that keeps the wheels of hate and greed turning. There is actually a Mega Church in Texas that funded a multi million dollar fish tank complete with paid professional staff on hand 24/7 to maintain it. They dropped a cross in the tank and said God would be pleased by that. Honestly, all I could think about was how that money could have went to scholarships, food for the homeless shelters, and generally helping the community. I would be SO ashamed if I was a part of that church. Plus, God already has a fish tank…its called THE OCEAN.

    Obviously this kind of stuff gets me fired up. I have met more Christ-like pagans then I have Christians. I think that is because we keep it simple. All the circles and study groups I have been in have always reached out to the community and gave no matter what creed you were. I think the spark of violence happening within Churches is a combination of what the Preacher is teaching and lack of moral responsibility. You preach hate and intolerance it is going to come back to you one way or the other- whether it is outside your doors or right in front of you.

    2212 days ago
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