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Self- Sabotage

Friday, May 04, 2012

Warning: This is my opinion. It is only my opinion.

I HATE the term self-sabotage (when used for weigth loss, or lack thereof). Sabotage is a deliberate act of wrecking something. It takes planning. It is done on purpose. People don't purposely wreck their diets. They may lack self-control for a moment and eat two candybars....but that is not intentionally destorying their diet plans. (Following me? Am I making sense? Sorry, headaches make it hard to intelligently get a thought out of my head and into words.)

So some people say that it is unintentional. It is a subconscious thing. I don't like looking at it that way either...because it removes any sense of responsibility for your actions. If something is done subconsciously, you don't have control over it. So it's basically saying I ruined my diet, but I had no control over it. Where do you take responsibility for your actions?

If someone isn't losing weight, and insists on eating junk food....can you really call it self sabotage? Or is that just a way to remove blame from yourself?

Not sure why I'm posting this, or why it bugs me so much....but there. I said it, lol.

Am I off in thinking this way?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You have made good points. I think it is a mix of both. And somewhere in between we have to take responsibility for our actions.
    2200 days ago
    Thank you for the Blog. Whether a reader agrees or not is not the point. You got us thinking and that is always a good thing. :0)

    2208 days ago
    I think you're contradicting yourself. Or maybe I'm just not understanding. You define self-sabotage as deliberately standing in your own way, right? Not subconsciously? But then you say lacking self-control is not intentionally sabotaging. When I lack self-control it's a conscious action. I know I should not eat the cookie, but I do. That's intentional. It's intentionally sabotaging my diet. (well, sabotage might be extreme if it's only one cookie.... maybe that's what you're trying to get at)

    The other thing you mentioned was "subconscious" snacking. I have done this 3 times in the last 2 days. I know because I caught myself. I'm cutting all processed sugar from my diet and because it's still new I've caught myself with a half-eaten cookie in hand. Yes, I made the decision to eat the cookie ("That looks yummy. I want one.") but then I ate it without my new eating patterns in mind. Like habit. I would also call that self-sabotage, but subconscious self-sabotage. Or maybe spacey self-sabotage, haha!

    I will say, though, that I don't use that term very often, if at all, for me. As I mentioned earlier, sabotage is an extreme word. And I'm not sure you can actual sabotage a diet, anyway. You just fell off the wagon for a minute. I guess I think of sabotage as destroying something beyond repair and I don't think that applies to anything health-related because you can always repair. I don't know. Am *I* making any sense?! Haha!
    2209 days ago
    I agree overall, but also disagree. I don't think something being subconscious means the person isn't taking responsibility. I think it means there is something underneath/inside that is causing a person to be "counterproductive" and that needs to be unearthed and confronted...worked on...changed. I say I self sabotage when I get close to a goal and for some reason get in my own way and not reach it not because I am not taking responsibility but because I am taking responsibility. In fact, I think by calling is SELF sabotage means the person is taking responsibility. How many times do people blame others for their lack of weight loss or even achievement when they are not working towards weight loss? "Fast food is so much more convenient; My family doesn't like to eat healthy; I have 3 kids I have to tend to so I can't exercise" and so on and so forth. THAT is not taking responsibility. But saying "When I get close to a goal, I self sabotage and end up going the other direction" says that it is me, myself, and I that caused me not to reach that goal or whatever. It's taking full responsibility. Do I know WHY I self sabotaged? Probably not. But I am aware of it and therefore with a little digging, I could find out and prevent it from occurring in the future.

    So really, maybe, admitting or claiming self sabotage isn't taking responsibility nor is it not taking's what you do afterwards that indicates if you are taking responsibility or not.

    I don't know. That is just my 2 cents.
    2210 days ago
    You hit the nail on the head! I completely agree. Great Blog!
    2210 days ago
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