OMG it's 80+ degrees outside! advise for marathon race day?

Friday, May 04, 2012

hi spark

First....I am SO glad I ran today!

this is a preview of the marathon weather!


since I started training, it's been 30-60...maybe 75 at most!

we are having FREAK weather right now! my plants are doing crazy things too.

I AM SO GLAD I ran today....been avoiding the weather b/c it drops back to 60s next wk!!

gotta rethink my running gear!

might grab a 4 bottle running pack. I have been getting away with 2 bottle.

but with this weather.....I think I need more...

I just chked the watering station... it's every 1-2 miles

sportbra....gotta wrap my head around that..... or a tank!
Thank goodness I had that forthought today...had to strip down and it was only a 2 mile run!

PLEASE any other hot hot weather running advise?

last year it was drizzly 1/2 marathon and comfortable.


should I freeze my water bottler the night before?
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    Just like everybody else said- hydrate and electrolytes! Electrolytes and especially sodium are super important! If you drink too much water without the electrolytes you might be doing more damage than good (diluting your blood), so make sure you have some Gatorade, gels, and even small salt packets. Stay safe!
    2719 days ago
    Going from cool to warm weather is going to feel difficult, so don't expect to run at a pace. Instead run to how you are feeling. You will need extra electrolytes, so if you have been using them in your training, take extra with you for the marathon. There are various forms of electrolytes - capsules, gels, dissolving tablets - so you might want to consider taking something with you.

    I would probably go with a sports bra, unless you are wearing a hydration belt and are afraid it might chafe, then a tank might be the better option. Don't forget sunscreen and sunglasses. As far as 2 or 4 bottles, if this is a well supported race, then you can probably get away with 2 bottles, but if you're not sure, or if you think maybe the race director didn't order extra water to account for the higher temps, then bring 4. In any case, you will need more water during the race than you did training in cooler temps.

    Good luck at the race.
    2719 days ago
    Yes, the SAME for our half marathon in Indy tomorrow! PLUS thunderstorms and possible lightning!

    We just have to listen to our bodies and do what we can do. Hydrate often!!!

    Good luck, girl!!
    2719 days ago
    I wish I had some advice. I've only ever run 5Ks and the last one I ran last July it was over 80+ degrees. I was miserable. I finished something like 3 minutes slower than normal. My best advice would be proper hydration before and during the race. I think that was a big part of my problem. I also read a little about something called "pre-cooling" where you try to lower your body temperature before the race. But I don't see how that would really work, since you are going to have to be outside getting lined up 20-30 minutes before the race.
    2719 days ago
    Keep it slow. The goal is to finish!
    2719 days ago
    We talked about beating the heat in my 5K training yesterday but I don't know how well any suggestions would work for a marathon! Eating a popsicle just before race will lower your core temp. I thought that was a cool tip. Electrolyte tablets for your H2O would be a good idea. And hydrate really well before the race. Your body does acclimate to hot weather running but I think that takes more than a couple of days.
    2719 days ago
    April, I live in South Florida and run in HOT HOT HOT weather all the time. First of all, start hydrating just a little extra NOW! Not a lot, just a little. Increase your salt intake a bit as well. Do you currently run using Gatorade or other electrolyte drinks? If so, and you know you tolerate them well, plan on inlcuding it in one or two bottles in your stash. Personally, I like to mix a can of unsweetened coconut water with some plain water in my bottle. Keep the pace slow, use water station water to dump on your head and BE CAREFUL!

    Enjoy it!!!!
    2719 days ago
    I do 1/2 my 4 pack bottles in gatorade.

    2719 days ago
    2719 days ago
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