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Friday, May 04, 2012

No one is more surprised than me.

When I took the boys to the park the Wednesday night I had planned to read a little while they played. Ya know, because I have a little cold and had worked hard all day and deserved it. ;)

My boys, who are typically climbers, spotted some kids on the merry-go-round and decided to give it a try. Needless to say, they loved it. After awhile the other kids moved on to something else and my boys tried to get it spinning nice and fast. They found they could do it if one was on and one was spinning it. Then they'd switch.

It wasn't too long before I heard my youngest say "Mom, come and spin us." I opened my mouth to say that Mommy didn't feel very good and stopped. I took one look at their excited faces and couldn't let them down. So I smiled and said "Sure.". But on the inside my mind was saying "You are going to die, fall or both.".

As I walked over to them, other kids noticed that an adult was going to spin and jumped on. So now instead of my two boys I have six kids to spin. Yep. I was going to die, fall or both.

I grabbed the bars and just started running for all I had. Once I got them good and spinning I stopped running and just keep giving the bars a hard pull and shove to keep the momentum. The kids were laughing and squealing. I heard a girl say "I've never went this fast!" I probably had some goofy look on my face as I was so delighted to make them so happy. We stopped and started a few times and each time I mustered the will to run with all I had to get it going.

Maybe this seems like small potatoes. But to me, it's huge. I am not a runner. I'm barely a walker. I am over 300 pounds so just moving my body "fast" is a feat. However what is probably most important is that I was a good Mom. I didn't let my boys down and was a good, active role model for them. Plus I hope that I showed them that having fun and enjoying life is so much better than sitting it out.

I'm sure it wasn't pretty but it sure was fun. And I'll take fun over pretty any day. :)

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