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Thursday, May 03, 2012

I just finished reading an article to my hubby about all the toxins in soda and the damage that they do to people. I quit drinking sodas (again) a couple of months ago. When I read articles like this one, I am more determined than ever to stay away from the poision stuff!

Just like with cigarettes, it took years to convince people of the damage, it is even harder with sodas. I know I was/am adicted to them. So I have to stay away from them. We were raised with sodas. I remember putting it in bottles for my kids too, the same that was done to me. I am very glad information is sufacing (in great quantities mind you) about this poision stuff. I know for a fact that I will never give sodas to kids again and I will refuse to buy it for anyone else. I was reading lables and you cant even buy tea without them adding the carmel coloring to it! They dont really need to, tea is already brown. But the excuse they use on the labeling is that it makes the color uniform. So from now on I am making my own tea too.

I wish I could get my hubby to stay away from the stuff. I read him all the articles and hope the information sinks in someday. I saved this last article to read to my kids the next time they visit.

Well, I guess I am done ranting for today. LOL It just burns me to think how many people know that their product causes major damage to people and they only care about the money they are making off of making people sick! OK OK....I am done.

I hope everyone is having a good day. Love Joyce

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    My hubby actually works for a large soda company and HATES it when I say in public that soda is poison! But, truth is truth! emoticon
    2241 days ago
    Oh I know it. I have been studying alot about foods and there are several items in this same category. Except some of these things, (not soda though) I actually thought were healthy.

    Knowledge is power.


    Smile and Enjoy the Rest of Your Day!
    Melinda (gopintos)
    Dr Oz Show Fans Team
    2242 days ago
    That was one of the first things I gave up when I changed my eating habits. I only drink water now. I will have tea when it's cool outside though.

    When I read that you can use soda to clean the battery acid off your car battery, I thought there is no way I can put that in my body!

    Have a great day!
    2242 days ago
    Sometimes I have this fire burning inside and just want to shout out loud how crazy this system of things is. So many people are so unaware and lacking knowledge about so many things. Daily I see the junk parents ship to school with their children for lunch. I see how many children are overweight and how inactive so many of them are. I see the increase in the number of children taking daily medications so they can settle down and focus. I feel the most sad for the children learning so many bad habits at such a yound age. The children are unsuspecting victims of all this greed and insanity. I am so grateful Jehovah has put a time limit on all this because it is very hard to watch!
    2242 days ago
    I am grateful to the writers of "Eat This Not That". I get articles in the e-mail every week and they have eye opening articles like this one all the time. I read every one and am learning better and better what is toxic in the market place. I would suggest anyone who hasn't read the book yet to check a copy out at the library or pick one up at the store. There is alot of very good guidance in that book. They make a new one every year I think. It is about time I picked up a more current copy myself and re-read it.

    2242 days ago
    It causes cancer and all kinds of scarey stuff! We like to drinwater mostly and milk and juice and tea. My morning coffee is the best!!!
    2243 days ago
    This system of things revolves around greed. It seems you can't trust anyone that is selling something be it a product or a service. I look back at a medical issue a few years ago and realize how much greed came into play in my treatment. Really was an eyeopener..and a scary one!
    2243 days ago
    I avoid them like the plague. Maybe once every few months I'll have a little. It just gums up my mouth after the first few sips.
    2243 days ago
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