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Thursday, May 03, 2012

I really don't know where to begin, but i guess first of all in the last 6 months I have been doing a fitness program instructed by a personal trainer. Its 2 nites a week and an hr long .. second of all i have been changing my eating habits .. i say changing cus im not really dieting ... and i find that changing is a better word than dieting .. so with that said u can say im changing my life in general .. we all can agree that dieting isnt easy and same can be said for working out ... but the two together u can consider it hell .. i can say that i have been successful in that in this 6 months i have lost 20 lbs .. which dont seem like much considering all the changes i have made .. but then i think about winters here in newfoundland and how usually u gain during this time and here it is i have lost .. so maybe its not so bad .. i probably could say the same about changing my eating habits .. ppl talk about dieting and the different types of diets out there and how much weight they lost on it .. sum are the shakes and such .. but my thinking is it do i really want to depend on shakes to help me lose weight and to maintain it .. i think not so i decided that to me its changing my life in general .. and it begins with grocery shopping ...I really thing this is where it begins .. what u buy at the grocery store .. ohh yes it gets boring cus u end up eating the same thing over and over cus u dont have a clue what else different u can eat thats health and that u like ... well with me i have changed over from white to browns .. eating whole wheat noodles and bread, brown rice etc .. plus i dont do junk food run anymore on the weekend .. and chooses differently when eating out .. no more take out .. as yummy and easy as it is .... well i know i still have flaws in my eating habits but i look at where i have been and where i am now and thinks .. good girl for me .. and this can be said for the fitness .. i really try hard to keep up at the fitness.. at the beginning was running 2 laps couldnt do a plank was using 3lbs weights .. now im doing about 25 laps running . i can do the planks at less one set for 10 secs a piece and im using 8 lbs weights .. I really have to push myself to see the prgress cus when in fact the other ppl at fitness are doing 48 laps, and three sets of planks for 10 secs a piece and using 10 15 lbers ... sometimes i tell myself well they are 100 lbs lighter than me and at less im trying and doing what i can do .. it is better than nothing .. which takes me back to its better to have lost 20 lbs during the winter months than to gain .. In summer i find i walk more and possible eat better in general anyways except for the love of icecream .. ice caps and smoothies .... which u usually have more off in summer anyways .. all i can say sometimes its hard to stay motivated and to keep going .. but with the new friends i have made at fitness im sure i will successed to a point ... when i sometimes look at my goals i think its never gonna happen but then one of my new fitness friends said make smaller goals .. when i took a look at what she suggested i thought maybe it will work but i have aweful alot of goals to get thru lol ... here what i mean First goal is 300lbs .. Means i would have lost 34 lbs which means i have lost 34lbs in the pass yr .. 20 of those since fitness
Second goal .. 284 total loss would be 50lbs
Third goal ... 269 total loss 65lbs
Fourth ... 254 totallll loss 80lbs
Fifth .....244 total loss90lbs
Sixth ...234 total loss100lbs
if im ambitious do
Seventh ...219 total loss 115
Eighth .. 209....

= total weight loss .. 125LBSS
i will never see myself below 209 i wasnt even that at 17 how do i expcet myself at almost fourty .. and 6 months 20 pounds i say would be 3 - 4 yrs before i would even get down to 209 ... im trying to be more realistic and im hoping it will pay off in the end .. instead of looking at what i cant do im looking at how i have improved .. and trying new things .. and hopefully with new friends and such i will be able to reach sum of my goals ... not to get more movitvated .. all i can say is i feels a lot better and i guess thats main thing ......
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