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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Started out my long day (and the usual lack of sleep) running. Sixty minutes on the elliptical, a fast breakfast, shower and packed a lunch then I was off to the Probus meeting. Got to meet another nice group of people as I came to the meeting late and was asked to go to this table -we were having a think tank session to come up with ideas for speakers, one time tours and new special interest clubs. Then it was off to the club where I did my month end and discovered I had forgotten my floppy disc drive so I couldn't save my data base and finish the month end. I did get the report in the snail mail with the cheque and the e-mail off to the ACBL, but the thing I can't do is prepare the data base for next month until I can save the info from this month :(( Getting so tired of forgetting things :((
Came 4th in my game with my mentor. Then it was walk home in the frigid cold and wind, and drop my stuff off at home, grab my wallet and head to the store to pick up meds and peppers for my supper and a banana for my breakfast. Back home, with barely enough time to get my stuff together and change into my workout clothes for my kickboxing and step class. He really worked us in kickboxing since we were all regulars :P and did the same with the step. I was more than ready for that wonderful hot tub.
Plaguing me throughout my day was my intestinal tract. It bothered me off and on all day whereas before it would bother me only when I woke up and then after I did my business it would ease up. I have been going over my fiber a bit too much, but its hard to help when you eat 10-13 freggies a day -its pretty much all I eat.
So as I went about preparing my supper, there was a knock on my door. My neighbor told me our building had FIVE breakins!! Four last night and one this morning!! How are these people getting in??? The caretaker was quick to change the locks of everything that was stolen, so the keys would not have worked that the guy stole. Methinks I will be sleeping with my four cell metal maglight close at hand from now on. Obviously, these apartments are not that hard to get into. The dead bolt isn't that much of one here. At my old apartment, there were two deadbolts and a chain -which is useless anyway, but gives you some time anyway.
I am looking forward to going to my Mom's, but she is going to be unhappy at how much junk I will be hauling over :P I will have to take both my computers, Not that the old one that isn't working well or has anything much on it of value except my digital photos I want to save.
Hope you all get a good night's sleep and have a Terrific Thursday!
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