April Results Are In ! ! !

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Hello everybody.
I went to the gym tonight to workout and do my weigh in for The month of April. If you have read my blogs before you will know that I have chosen to only weigh myself once a month. I am not a fan of the ups & downs of weighing every day or even every week for that matter. I reached 1,000 fitness minutes last month for the first time and that was one of my biggest goals for April. I just squeaked it out with a short 20 minute walk on Monday.

I didn't really expect to lose 20 Lbs. like I did in March. I took a week off from the gym after pulling a muscle in my back picking up our new dryer that was given to us by a cousin of mine. I also had quite a few cheat meals in April & I did a lot of Twisted Tea drinking during the hockey playoffs ( A few days, I drank a whole days worth of calories )
I was going to be happy if I lost 5 Lbs. in April.

My short term weigh loss goal is to lose 60 Lbs. and get down to 300 in 4 months. To do this, I have to lose 15 pounds each of the four months. After losing 20 in March, I would have had to lose at least 10 pounds in April to stay on track. That is exactly what I did !! I lost 10 pounds in April for a 2 month total of 30 pounds !!! Yahoooooooo :) I am very happy to be right where I need to be after 2 months. I'm only a little disappointed because I know I could have done better. May will be a better month. I promise you & myself, IT WILL BE.

Thanks to all of my spark friends out there who offer the support and kind words that I need to keep me going - YOU GUYS ARE ALL GREAT !!!! Anybody reading this that I am not friends with yet, please feel free to add me and drop me a note to say hi and so I can add you as well. Thanks again for all your support, It really does help.

I hope you are all doing well & making healthy choices


** MY EDIT **

I also wanted to add a couple of more things here.

I set a new personal best at the gym today by burning 800 calories in just 65 minutes !! I have really been picking up the intensity lately - GO ME !!!

I went out to Walmart a few days ago to pick up a pair of cheap jeans to wear. I was proud of myself for buying the next size down. I was wearing 46, so I got a pair of 44. One problem.....I didn't bother to try them on. I went home, threw the tags away and put them in the wash. I went to put them on yesterday for the first time and they didn't fit - too big !!!! I guess I should have got a size 42 or tried them on first. GO ME !!! I guess that's what belts are for.
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