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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

I can't believe it's already Wednesday (as my friend Salbatross pointed out!).

But then again, I can. Yesterday the hubby left for Hawaii, so this morning was my first real morning of being a single parent...aka getting ready for work AND getting the kid dropped off at daycare AND getting to work on time for physical training. *phew* thankfully, made it out the door by 555 and at work by 635, giving me some reflection time journaling and reading the Bible to get some clarity. (that's a whole nother blog).

Anyway. Being cut free on Friday wasn't too big of a deal. I forgot they give you rubber bands after the wires come off, and then later they take off the arch bars. Right now it's set for Friday, but it was a little rushed because of the trip to Hawaii (although I did ask them before I bought my plane tickets). So right now, rubber bands at night, and my mouth is getting cut open while I talk and eat. Thankfully I grabbed some wax from the ortho office on post. *phew*

Speaking of getting cut free, I may have gone a little crazy eating everything in sight. I'm used to being wired shut, and having my calories naturally being I could eat anything. Literally, if I could get some in my mouth, it'd be okay since I wouldn't be able to eat it all. So now that I can "eat" I was eating anything and everything (even PHOOD emoticon) and this morning when I stepped on the scale-it was a WAKEUP call. 156. When I was between 149/150 on Friday. That's like 6-7lbs in 6 days!!

So today during journalling I made a game plan, and I tried to remember what my Made to Crave said... I am EMPOWERED to make healthy choices, not DEPRIVED. During work, I intentially drank 1 Liter of water before eating breakfast (after my couch to 5k workout this morning)... I spaced out breakfast and lunch... and am on my third liter of water (going home soon).

I resisted the brownies, the cake, the potato and macaroni salad, and the chips. All salty phake phood that have been calling my name since I walked into work. Thank goodness I'm almost headed home!

Anyway. I needed to confess. I'm not going to change my weight tracker until Sunday, before we drive down to my girlfriend's house to spend the night (she lives in Nashville, and she's driving kid and I to the airport). I think another factor of the weight gain (although not SIX lbs of it!) is the TOM. I always tend to gain 1-2lbs... along with those unharnassed cravings... a recipe for failure.

Well, that's my confession... I AM excited for Hawaii... and it made saying goodbye to hubby that much easier knowing I'd see him in a week.

Adios ya'll!
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    Glad you can eat again! I hope you gt it back in control!
    2176 days ago
    It is SO possible that a lot more than 1-2 lbs of that is 'water weight"... just think what your body is doing with all that sudden influx of calories!
    It's just adjusting... hang in there and I think adjusting your tracker later is a GREAT idea.
    SO GLAD to hear how great you are doing!!
    I want to invite other Hawaii Saparkers to Kapiolani Park, too... so maybe we'll have a mini Spark Rally!!
    See ya soon...
    2177 days ago
    Awe Bren! I am excited for you to get to go to HI! It will be great!

    Don't stress about the weight gain! The more I stress out about mine, the more I wanna just eat. We just gotta stick together :-)

    Have a great trip and stay strong! Just be portion conscious with your Phood and you'll be fine darling!

    Miss you!
    2177 days ago
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