A possible cure for marauding squirrels...

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Just passing on a funny episode from the garden.

I have a butterfly garden in which I placed a birdfeeder on the tallest shepherd's hook I could find. Well, the neighbor's cat likes to hide under the viburnums and launch himself at the birds. emoticon I did temporarily leave my garden hose positioned so that I could just turn on the water at the spigot and squirt the little devil when I saw him--but he quickly learned just to leave as I came out the door...sooooo I remembered I had a rather sprawling cactus my cousin gave me just sitting in a pot as I didn't know quite where to put it. emoticon I drug it carefully under the feeder. That seemed to help the cat problem. emoticon

Later that same day, sipping some tea and looking out the window I noticed a couple of squirrels enticed by the smell of fruit and nuts in the feeder. They were used to grabbing a bite at the feeder but had noticed the new prickly neighbor. They reconnoitered the area, did lot of sitting on their haunches thinking. One (the smart one) walked away from the temptation but the other (who thought he was smarter) attempted to pull himself up the shepherd's hook. He must've bumped into the cactus because he suddenly dropped to the ground at which time he bounced like a ping-pong for a bit (must've got some of those tiny pricks in his feet) then he tore off into the trees like the devil was after him.... emoticon If only I could've gotten a video! Poor lil' fella'! emoticon
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