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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

No, I wasn’t actually ON vacation; that’s in July.
I was taking a little vacation from dealing. From watching everything I eat, from getting much... or, y’know, any... exercise, other than that which I get in the course of a normal day (some days, plenty! Others, not so much).
I accomplished a lot. Not as much as I’d have liked; I’ve got plenty of the rose studs posted to Etsy, and more still to post. But I haven’t gotten any jackets up yet. Part of that has been recalcitrant wire; I know what I want to do, but the wire doesn’t want to behave itself and do what I tell it. And of course, life does intrude; there were holidays, and family visits, and injuries, and work, and... well, LIFE, and what have you; all of these things interfere with my getting all of the things done that I want to. But I did get a fair amount done.
I have not been eating well. That’s been a trend for a while, but the last few weeks, I’ve been pretty much awful. Between my sister in law spoiling me rotten at Easter with an abundance of gluten-free food (and gluten-free baked goods. Those chocolate chip cookies... I could have lived forever on those...), and then me making my own batches of gluten-free cupcakes for an office bake sale (they came out really, really, really well. Yum), I started on a tear with sweets for a while. Lately, I’ve been snacking on salty, chip-like things (On the Border tortilla chips, and last night, I bought Fritos, too), which I almost never do. I’m just HUNGRY. All the time. Cheese, cold cuts, chips, faux-bready things, hot dogs, desserts... I’m on the see-food diet. *sigh*
I’ve been very pointedly NOT checking my weight. It’s not like I didn’t know what I was doing.
What’s interesting is that my portion sizes have been, for the most part, pretty small. So that’s something. It ain’t much, but it’s something.
Regardless, today’s the day I’ve arbitrarily chosen as my day to come back from vacation. At least, as far as food tracking and exercise. I think it’ll be harder to give up yummy naughty things like cheese (not that a 2% American slice or a 35 calorie Laughing Cow Queso with Chipotle wedge are all THAT bad, but they do add up) or Glutino Vanilla Sandwich Cookies. And I’ve got a brandy-new bag of Fritos and a new package of roasted garlic hummus to eat them with. But all things in moderation, my friends, and all things accompanied by appropriate quantities of exercise.
As I start back up with a fitness regimen, though I have to be a little careful with what I do with my right hand, seeing as how I slammed my index finger in a door last Thursday. Apparently, and to my mind, shockingly, it appears to NOT be broken. It is, however, pitch black; it got squeezed so flat that it actually burst in one place (and developed a huge blood blister there afterwards) and got another nasty blood blister in another. The nail may or may not remain intact; no way of knowing at this time. The pain has abated significantly; it only hurts (and then only slightly) if I touch the black bits, now, as opposed to any time any part of my fingertip touched or was touched by anything whatsoever. So I can’t keep using it as an excuse; time to get back on the horse. ;-)
I have to say, I was disappointed by the latest Sparkpeople DVD. I thought I’d enjoy it; I like the online videos. But although I can’t say I’ve been through ALL of the workouts on the disc, I’ve yet to be particularly impressed by it. It’s not fun, and I need for it to be fun in order to get me to actually DO it. It’s a perfectly acceptable workout disc, but I could tell very quickly that I was going to get bored with it almost immediately. I’ve had more success with the Wii than I’ve ever had with a DVD, but even then... I do eventually get bored (or, in the case of the Biggest Loser and EA Sports Active v. 1, 1.5 and 2, frustrated due to sensor failure before I even get the chance to be bored) and stop doing it, just because it’s no fun.
What I really need is a personal trainer, who will change things up for me constantly, keep things entertaining, make me accountable for my actions (or lack thereof), make allowances for my various and sundry health issues (e.g. no Downward Dog, due to 3 days of pain and misery afterwards, or making sure that when I’m doing weight training, my shoulders aren’t creeping up towards my ears, as they have a tendency to do), and be wonderful and marvelous and not make me feel uncomfortable or useless or broken or ugly or weirded out.
Oh, and I need them to be pretty much free.
So... yeah. THAT’s gonna happen, clearly.
In the absence of a perfect, on-call, free personal trainer... it’s gotta be me. I already know what works, so I need to do it. I need to get more Wii games (I’d love to rent, rather than buy, Zumba Fitness 2. I’d like to try it, but I’m hesitant to buy it. I really enjoy Just Dance 3, and it makes me think that even though I’m a TERRIBLE dancer, I’d enjoy Zumba. That said, I’ve watched people do Zumba IRL, and I knew immediately that I COULD NOT DO IT, so I’m not certain it’s a good choice for me. I also either need Wii Fit Plus back, either by retrieving it from the person I lent it to, or more likely just buying it all over again), and I need to pick up a DVD to help me with weight training. I bought those dumbbells months ago, and I’ve only ever even opened the case once. I’d like very much to get past lifting only 3lbs at a shot. I LIKE lifting weights, I’m just not sure what I’m supposed to be doing. I’ve already got a DVD in my cart at Amazon; just trying to decide if I want to go forward with the purchase. I have to pay my bills, first. ;-)
I am, however, drinking water. That’s a step; I’ve been avoiding that, too. It’s always my first step in a backslide; I drop the regular ingestion of water. Why? Because I don’t LIKE it, that’s why! I know I need it; I just don’t want to. And it is sooooo easy to give in to my inner 2 year old and say, “Don’t wanna!” Problem is, my inner Mom is a weenie, and doesn’t behave like a Mom should; she gives in to terrible 2 year-old me and says, “OK. You can have decaf coffee, then. Or decaf Diet Coke. But that’s it! Oh, you want leaded coffee? You really shouldn’t; it’s not good for you. Well... OK, if you really want to.”
Inner 2-year-old me is spoiled rotten.
OK, I’ve now had two cups of water, and a perfectly healthy lunch, breakfast, and AM snack. I didn’t even have a 2nd banana at breakfast, which is really hard, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE bananas. That said, I usually don’t have that much trouble behaving, during the day; all of my meals are laid out in advance. It’s the evenings when I have trouble. I’ve already planned to have a salad and a Smart Ones dinner tonight, though, so as long as I don’t stray too terribly far from that, I should be OK....
Has anyone actually tried that Yonanas thing? I’m curious about it. Not that I have $50 to spend on it right now (as I said – I can’t even order the weights DVD yet, and that’s only $14), but at least I can plan for it, if I’m told it’s brilliant. My issues with it so far are a) I have bupkes in the way of counter space, b) it sounds REALLY REALLY loud, and c) It looks like a slightly more solid version of a smoothie, and I can do that in my blender. Which is another appliance I don’t have the counter space for, so it doesn’t get used nearly as often as I’d like for the purpose of making smoothies.
I think I need to have some decaf coffee, now, though.
OK, OK. Last half hour of the day. I’ve wasted enough time rambling through yet another weird, stream-of-consciousness blog. I was gone. I’m back. It’s happened before, it’ll most likely happen again. Hopefully later rather than sooner.
Hope everyone’s been well.
Talk to you soon.
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    2503 days ago
  • JKM822
    *started this reply over a week ago, but never got it posted.

    Thanks, ladies! Good to be back.

    Nope, not Enjoy Life. I actually haven’t had much luck with them; I had one snack bar, thought it was one of the worst things I’d ever eaten, and haven’t touched the brand since, tbh. My sister-in-law hand-baked GF cookies for me, and they were incredibly yummy.
    Ah ha! See, I KNEW I could do it with my blender! I have a Ninja, which should be able to do it without a problem. A quick re-freezing, and it’ll be just lovely. Thanks! And I imagine it tastes better with a bit of milk-like-product anyway, so that works out. My main problem is going to be letting bananas sit around long enough to reach the really-really ripe state they’ll need to be in; I almost never let bananas sit around that long. I’d rather, y’know, EAT them!
    I am indeed a TJ Maxx/Marhalls/Home Goods shopper, and I remember seeing a lot of popsicle molds around last year, but I haven’t seen any lately. I’ll keep checking. :-)

    I wish I could say that being “bad” as far as food and exercise choices had made me feel worse than eating healthy, but it didn’t. Not really. I mean, it did on one hand; I felt perpetually just a bit guilty, and I felt like a bit of a lump sometimes when I sat around reading or making jewelry or whatever. Certainly, I was less fit. But it’s not like I was doing NOTHING, just staring at the walls or anything. The only time I spent actually watching TV was the day I set aside to watch Moulin Rouge on blu-ray; the rest of the time I had stuff to do, it just wasn’t necessarily stuff that involved moving around. I ate semi-healthy; most of the stuff I ate during the day is the same as what I eat when I’m eating healthy. I am very much a creature of habit, so once I find something that works, I pretty much just keep doing that. It was when I got home that things started to go wrong. Why go to an effort with food when I can have a couple of slices of cheese, a couple of slices of hard salami, and a GF matzoh with some margarine? It’s what I lived on for years (except with real, as opposed to GF matzohs), and it’s what I return to when I’m looking for comfort food. At least I didn’t start making grilled cheese & bacon sandwiches; that’s the ultimate comfort food for me. ;-)
    I did make about half a package of Feel Good Foods GF Pork Dumplings; those things are bloody delicious. I’d happily have eaten the whole thing, but the calorie content is off-putting.

    OK! So that was the part I wrote, like, a week ago, and then never managed to actually post. Sorry about that.
    Here’s today’s update.
    I’ve now made half a package of GF Pork Dumplings twice (I did it again on Saturday, when I was visiting my parents and everyone ordered Chinese. It was SO NICE to be able to eat dumplings while people around me were, too! Dumplings are one of the things I’m truly bitter about, regarding going gluten free. For the most part, I’m OK with it, but dumplings... I really miss.) This time I did a little better with it. The first time, I used my newly-purchased steamer basket/saucepan combo, and lined it with parchment paper. The dumplings ended up really, really gluey. Mind you, the instructions are to sort of pan fry them and steam them at the same time, in a lidded frying pan; I have two issues with that. I prefer my dumplings steamed, and I don’t have a lidded frying pan. So! Steamed it was. But I imagine they’re less gluey, fried. The second time, I used my mother’s steamer insert thingie in a saucepan, and lined it with Romaine lettuce; the dumplings stayed significantly more intact and were less gluey, so I guess I’ll try that at home next time.
    Not that steamed pork dumplings fit under the heading of “healthy,” but sometimes, you’ve just got to give into the I NEED STEAMED PORK DUMPLINGS NOW craving. Not often, but occasionally. ;-)
    Oh! And I did track down some popsicle molds at Marshalls last week! I have not yet done anything other than wash them, but they’re ready. My main issue is that my counter is so bloody SMALL; one of my hopes is that, once I’ve successfully bought a house (townhome) this fall, I’ll have a counter big enough to have all my appliances... or at least, MOST of my appliances... on it at all times. Right now, I’ve got my toaster and microwave on a cart, and the only appliances there’s room enough to have live on the counter are the KitchenAid Stand Mixer (mostly because it’s too big and heavy to put anywhere else) and my single-cup coffeemaker. I’d like to have at least the toaster on the counter (the microwave can stay on the cart, if needed), as well as the blender and, counter-space permitting, the full-sized coffeemaker on the counter all the time. It’s a lot to ask, I know, but I can dream. ;-)

    2503 days ago
    Glad you are back. I missed interacting with you :)

    I understand what you mean about getting bored. I also get bored. FAST. I own 9 workout dvd's and a treadmill. I also walk outside. I have a wii fit but I never use it. I would love to join a gym but like you I do not have the money for it.

    I also was "afk" of sorts from healthy living. We did massive home improvement projects-several at once. It kept me active but eating extremely poorly. Then my projects ended and the eating and not exercising continued for about 3 weeks(6 weeks of being bad total)

    I didn't feel well anymore. I am glad it only took about 10 days of feeling icky to jerk me back into reality; healthy is better.

    Welcome back hon! emoticon
    2515 days ago
    Hey! Good to see you. I'm glad you took the break you needed but are back at it with us. emoticon

    By GF chocolate chip cookies, were you by chance speaking of the Enjoy Life ones? Holy crap, I have forbidden myself from buying those again for a verrrry long time. They are so good! But so little besides sugar! LOL

    Also, don't buy the Yonanas machine (I can't believe there is one) until you try this first: http://recipes.sparkpeople.com/reci
    pe-detail.asp?recipe=694221. Your gut instinct was right! I've tried it with a mix of bananas and strawberries too. Tip: to not overstress my inexpensive blender's motor, I just add a little bit of liquid (maybe 2 Tbsp. and, in my case, rice or almond milk) to help get it moving. So easy and so yummy!

    And thanks for the reminder about that recipe, now that it's finally getting warmer. I have some bananas and some kiwis in my freezer right now! Wheee! emoticon

    Also, last summer I was on a homemade Popsicle kick. Cook down and/or blend pretty much any fruit a bit, pour into molds and freeze. Amazing! No added sugar, no added gross preservatives or colors, and it often SAVES me money because I use up fruit that I overbought and is starting to go. Aren't you a TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Home Goods shopper? I got my molds for around $6 at TJ Maxx last year -- BPA-free plastic and everything! emoticon
    2516 days ago
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