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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Hi spark

5 more days....

Meanwhile to distract myself...
I finally record the song I composed years ago.

It was an assignment from a friend.
and I never went through with it ;(

Its really really rough. Recorded at home with video camera.

Lol phone won't put up the link


I will do it at home. But its in my YouTube channel

We had our first harvest of veggies and my DD had the honor to cook it!
The channel is my garden outlet ;)

On another note...spark jasr ppl put into my attention the color bomb 5k!

Its coming to Pittsburgh!

My DD and I are so in! Thx bob!
Aug 25, I think

I can't remember the name but ppl throw colors at u ;)

Color Me Rad

Will post that u when I get home ;)

Spark on!
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