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Ending off April and into the month of May

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Another month bites the dust, and another month down, and another month down, another month bites the dust. Time to take a look at how I did on my goals for April:

1) Weight stably at or below 195.
** Not quite. I saw 194.5 one day, then had Chinese with my daughter unexpectedly that very night. Chose to thoroughly indulge my chocolate love with a dessert that was amazing. So yesterday and today have been 195.5 - which is totally fine with me.

2) Sodium intake kept below 2800 at least 90% of the month, average ideally in the 1800-2200 range.
** 6 days out of 30 were over, so 80% were below. Not as good as I'd hoped for, but only one of those was way over and several days were in the 1600-1800 range. Plus the overall trend since the beginning of the month is downward. I'm improving this steadily.

3) Eat at least 1 veggie a day - baby carrots, veggie platter, stuff like that to work for snacks so I'm not procrastinating.
** This I actually did accomplish. Having the baby carrots and pre-cut celery at work for afternoon snacks made all the difference in planning. I'd like to vary it up more, and this week proved that sometimes I need to pay closer attention to the pre-cut food (the celery was bad).

4) April 1st do fitness testing and measurements to compare against 1 January.
** Done and posted in a blog. Definitely can see my progress, which is nice. I do love challenging myself in fitness.

5) Log my sleeping habits. Nowhere near ready to change, but it's time to track it.
** Didn't actually start this until the 12th. Originally I was going to do it on SparkPeople but flat-out could not figure out an easy way. Eventually made a new Calendar on Google and have been recording it there.
** I already knew this was an area I need to seriously work on. I got to sleep before 1 am ... once in three weeks. Some nights I slept through, some I woke up a couple times (always back to sleep fast, whether it's a potty need or just awake and roll over), but only three nights did I get 8 hours or more. The rest bounced between 5 and 7.

So 2/5 goals met completely, and all of the remaining 3 done at least satisfactorily. None too shabby at all.

Oh, and I somehow had the idea in my head that my Summer goal was one of April's:

1) Replace all my old shirts.
** Given how few shirts I had to begin with, this can be considered done already. (Seriously? I had one shirt for each day at work and a couple of ratty t-shirts for the weekends and a workout shirt.) Of course, I will end up replacing these - but for now I actually have a "wardrobe" of shirts.
First two bought on trip with daughter

Next four (my "easter egg colors"):

Bought this weekend:

In looking at them and considering how my shopping went, I've realized I have something I'm calling negative style. My daughter is taking an art class and working on negative space - in which the background is solidly black and the item of interest is the "uncolored" area. My negative style is not defined by me having a clear idea what I want to look like; it is defined by the multitude of shirts I look at and go "ewwww, no way" and keep looking.


Oh, so time to set my May goals.

1) Weight stably at or below 190.
2) First chapter of The Spark read.
3) Begin to clear out old statements. I have two boxes in my room and a filing cabinet in storage. I still have copies of 1991-1993 taxes, when my kiddos were babies. WHY!?
4) Sodium intake kept at an average of 2750 or lower for the entire month.
5) Get to bed before 1 am at least 5 nights a week.
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