Eat to Live challenge Day 1

Monday, April 30, 2012

Day one is in the books!

Doing this from my phone, so no pics. :(

We made salmon burgers, so the first recipe I found here:
d/fish/r/SalmonDill.htm was for a dill dip to put on top. Greek yogurt + garlic + lemon juice + dill. Still had a super strong Greek yogurt flavor, added more lemon, which helped. I didn't use fresh dill tho & I think that would've taken the flavor up a notch.

The second recipe is from Jackie Warner's book, This is Why You're Fat. Sauteed Kale. Yummy! 3 cups of kale, fill w/ enough water to cover kale & simmer til water is gone. Repeat the simmer down process 2 more times, then sautee w/ 1 tsp olive oil & 1 tsp Monterey steak seasoning.

This process took a really long time, but I think I started w/ too much water. & 1 tsp of seasoning was too much...maybe 1/4 tsp. Will definitely try this recipe again, just w/ less seasoning. Also, the 3 cups of chopped kale cooks down to less than a cup.

Plus, got in my goal of 5-8 servings of freggies & stayed in range. Woohoo! Bring on May!

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