Eat To Live Challenge (ETLC): Goals & Feelings

Sunday, April 29, 2012

This is for a challenge that starts tomorrow for a team I am on called he Bad Ass Rock Stars (BARS) currently accepting open enrollment (well, at least through Sunday midnight - sorry I didn't do this post earlier, but I've had a busy weekend) - it is a small team founded on the basis of a Jillian Michaels challenge that grew into a challenge support team

Tomorrow starts the "Eat To Live Challenge" which is focused on the basics of nutrition, and awards points based on staying in range, streaking on staying in range, working toward a personal nutritional challenge, and healthy recipes

The challenge runs through May - so you will be seeing quite a few blogs from me which I will preface with ETLC that will include recipes I'm trying

My goal during this challenge is to eat more consciously and cleaner - and to be honest with what I am tracking

I have my first 10K coming up in just a month, and I do not feel like I have been eating to fuel my body, I feel like I've been eating more for comfort and convenience - I need to focus on the things I can control, and food/calories is definitely one of those things

One of the components of the challenge is "to pick something you are struggling with eating-wise" each week - for my first week, I am going to pick soda - I'm just going to eliminate it for that first week - if you've followed me for anytime, you know I struggle with this on and off, and currently I am having a big problem with it - I know that soda isn't technically "eating" - but the calories are there, and the consumption of it has a big impact on my ranges

Going into this challenge I am very hopeful - I expect to see physical results with these dietary improvements (less body aches, more energy, etc), and I am a bit nervous, I have been playing a bit "free and loose" with my ranges lately, and that is showing on the scale - maybe if I focus on being mindful of those ranges (calorie/carb/fat/protein) then my weight loss will gain some momentum again

Here is a link to more details about the Eat To Live Challenge
and if you are interested in checking out the BARS team, you can explore it from that link as well - although if you are reading this past Sunday night, the team might have gone back to private

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