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I'm Doing It!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I've been overweight almost my whole life.. That's a long time since I just turned 43 (this past March). I've done it all...tried alot of different diets....joined gyms quit gyms....lost weight regained it.
In 2011 I finally got fed up. I was at my heaviest ever~328 lbs!! Whoa! When did this happen? Overtime is when. Times of eating too much, eating the wrong foods, not exercising. Just not taking care of myself.
I started on my weight loss journey July 3 2011 and haven't looked back. I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I got fed up with how I looked and how I felt. I want to be around for my kids and not just watch from the sidelines anymore. I don't want to die young due to something I could have prevented.
Brief history: My youngest son will be turning 5 in May and back when he was about a year old I remember going to a doctor to start on the process of having lap band surgery. I decided against it and that it wasn't for me. The doctor told me the way that I ate when I would lose weight is the right way to eat once I had surgery (smaller portions no carbs). The surgery wasn't a guarantee that I would lose weight. I decided not to go thru with it because I didn't want to go thru the whole process just for it not to work. Time went on and so did more weight.
Back to July 3 2011. I started making changes. I was watching portions, cutting back carbs, & slowing adding in cardio. All of a sudden I'm starting to realize that weight was starting to come off. That in of itself was motivation. I stuck with it. I was determined to stay determined and not go back to where I was before July 3 2011. I was making small realistic goals that were attainable and nothing unrealistic. Everytime I reached 1 it was motivating. I learned not to set any goals that I knew to be unrealistic because that can get someone depressed when you don't reach them. This is something I still do.
Fast forward to today~April 29 2012~I HAVE LOST 132 lbs!! I am in Onederland! I still have a long way to go but I am definitely a new person. I can tell my confidence has increased. I look better and feel better ( I can't remember when I last had an issue with my asthma). I love clothes shopping now. Who wouldn't when you're able to buy clothes in "regular" clothes stores. I move around better. People around me even say I seem different~more alive more vibrant. I continue to do cardio (Richard Simmons is my fav) and I belong to a gym. I do what I can when I can. I learned not to beat myself if I miss a workout or a day at the gym or if I ate wrong. What I'm doing I have to do for the rest of my life. It's something I have to live with. I try to go by this saying that I heard "Ask yourself if what you're doing today is bringing you closer to where you want to be tomorrow". We seem to focus too much on how far we have to go instead of celebrating how far we have come.
I lost this 132 lbs WITHOUT surgery (since July 3 2011). I did it with pure want power & focus & determination. I have had setbacks and there maybe more in the future. Who knows? But, if there are then I will deal with it and move on. Regardless of how many setbacks or roadbumps there maybe on this path I'm on, it will NEVER make me change focus and direction and move backwards. I will keep moving forward. It's the only way I know now. I am stronger than I was back then both mentally & physically & emotionally.
Today at the park with my kids I was able to go down a kid's slide. Some people may think that's silly but for someone like me (when I weighed 328 lbs was usually 9 out of 10 times the heaviest person everywhere I went) to be able to fit on a kid's slide is an accomplishment. I was able to climb around on the playground equipment with my son and the smile on his face to see his mom playing with him instead of watching him from the bench is one of the reasons why I did what I did and will do what I'm gonna do.
The only thing I'm sad about is that my mom & dad aren't around for this. I know they wanted me to lose weight. I know, too, they are watching over me and are proud. I mean, heck, I'm proud.
I really don't want to come across conceited but I am really really proud of how far I've come. There are so many out there that are struggling with their weight whether it's 20 lbs to lose or as much as I had to lose or more. We, as humans, have to learn to think more of ourselves and love ourselves more and realize WE ARE WORTH IT!! We are worth being healthy, we are worth looking good, & we are worth BEING HAPPY! We are worth all this & much more! We deserve this!! . Focus on your failures/setbacks and your destined to repeat them. Learn from it. Forgive yourself because you love yourself & move forward to a new you. Celebrate all that you have achieved & more will come your way.
Each day is a new day to create a new you!
If anyone has any comments on this blog or any questions or wants to buddies/friends please don't hesitate to contact me.
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