The Bad Ass Rock Stars Team Eat to Live May Nutrition Challenge

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I will be starting a month long individual challenge on Monday 4/30. I will earn points each day for the following (portions copied from the team page):

1) "Staying in range and Consistency in range: get 1 point if you stay in your range for calories/fat/carbs/protein. You will get the amount of points of whatever day of your streak you are on - 1 point for day 1, 2 for day 2, 3 for day 3, etc...- the larger streak you can build, the better you'll do!"

This should not be a problem for me. I may struggle with protein sometimes...blasted jelly beans do not have the same nutritional value as other beans! They should not be allowed to call them beans. emoticon

2) "Pick something you struggle with eating wise - you will focus on something different each week. You will get 3 pts for each day you refrain from (or if yours is a positive like eating x freggies, etc, you will get points for doing the good thing)"

My first week it will be strategic snacking. Have the planned good snack when I should and skip the bad snacks that seem to jump out and force me to eat them. I just ate my LAST stale Peep. emoticon

3) "You can earn 10 points per recipe if you make a healthy recipe and blog about it (max 30pts/week)."

I will most likely have trouble with this one. Not the recipes, but I don't take the time to blog much. I used to blog at work, but no longer able to do that. I journal everyday, just not in a public blog. Did you know you can get the 3 blog Spark points for journaling in your planner page on Sparkpeople?

4) "You can earn 5 points for each Sparkrecipe you make based on another teammate's blog (max 10pts/week)"

I should be able to do that, unless my teammate's recipes sound absolutely disgusting. emoticon

5) "Weekend Bonus - you will get a 5 point bonus for staying in range on Saturdays & Sundays"

I can do that...I can stay in range, even if that means dry Cheerios for dinner. emoticon

Bonus Points:
1) "Blog about the challenge prior to it starting - 5 points" you go...DONE emoticon

I think I am already a bad ass rock star when it comes to fitness. But I really need to work on nutrition. Feel free to join me in this challenge if you like.

emoticon emoticon
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