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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hi everyone. I'm dictating to Mom what to write as i can't use my paws yet. Don't know what happened, but they feel "different". I am also set up to stay in Mom's bathroom for 7 days, however long that is. Mom has my blankie in one end of the tub and my box with newspaper clipping stuff at the other end of the tub. Mr. food and water is on the floor outside the tub. Dr. Gail told Daddy she doesn't want me running around the house for 7 days. Daddy asked about my jumping on the counter in the bathroom and she said she wasn't worried about that..just my running. Mommy also squirted some stuff into my mouth this afternoon and said it was magic to help with my sore paws. I think all is does is make me sleepy. But, I've found a new place to sleep that is really cool... in the round sink. Mommy comes in very often and checks on me and talks to me and pets me. I think she said she loved me...or something like that. She put her head down by my face and I licked her face and hair. Then I started my special purr sound and she likes that a lot. Mom told me that when the 7 days is up I can go out on the porch again and not worry about trying to catch lizards and getting my claws caught in the screen. She had to come out and lift my claws off the screen the other day. How embarrassing was that! She said I'll be much happier. But I'm pretty happy now except for staying in the bathroom. How many more days is it 'til 7 days are up?That's all I have to say now. Mom was good about remembering all I wanted her to tell you. I'll keep you posted as I count down the days to real freedom in the house.


Hi all. This is Max's Mom writing now. Max really is a little trouper. It's hard for me to walk out of the bath room and close the door but I know I have to protect his feetsies. He is doing well in spite of it all.

I went out with 2 girlfriends last night to eat and listen to a female jazz saxophonist and her keyboardist and drummer. Her name is Valerie and she is fantastic. She also plays flute and clarinet. She has her degree in saxophone performance. We had a good time and didn't leave until here last set was done and that was at 10 pm. Our reservations were at 6. It was a great four hours of music. I think we'll go again with a few more musicians that would enjoy her the last Friday in May as it's her last time at that particular cafe for the summer.

We're having a pot luck and bake sale after church tomorrow. Since I don't cook I'll stop by a store and get something in the morning on my way to church.

That's all the news from here for this time. I promise I'll write as often as Max wants me to. He really is a sweetheart of a boy. He weighed in at 10.4 Thursday and they said that was good. Anywhere from 10 to 12 pounds is normal but I don't want him to even get to 12 pounds. It becomes too slippery a slope. He gets his 1/2 cup of A Taste of the Wild a day and that's it. I have learned my lesson about over feeding. I can't help but feel I somehow helped Thor get fat and hence contributed to his diabetes. I will not let this happen to Max.

Have a great weekend everyone.

emoticon emoticon (Yep, we do need a black kitty! )
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    Elayne, I am absolutely thrilled that Max has been welcomed into your home!! I've been hoping this would happen, because you guys have so much love to give a cat who needs a home. All of you will be enriched.

    To Max: I've been reading all your posts and must say that you are quite good with words. You just keep on loving and caring for your people - and write often! My Henry likes to look over my shoulder at your posts and sends you his warmest welcome. You are loved by all of us, Max!
    2214 days ago
    Hi Max - I know you have the best mommy ever and all the people who are trying to make her feel bad should stop. You will feel better soon. And Thor was the most spoiled kitty ever (before your mom got you), so your mom shouldn't feel bad about Thor either. emoticon Anyway, my name is Theo and you will read more about me soon on my blog, but she has been too busy spoling me to write my blog for me. Take care of your poor paws.

    Your friend,
    2214 days ago
    Max, I am praying that you heal quickly. Seven days isn't very long and you will have the run of the house again. SUPER!!!

    Elayne, it's great to see your blog. Glad you had a great time with your friends. Have a super week!!!
    2215 days ago

    Oh Max we feel so sorry for you! We were hoping your mommie would change her mind and not get that done to you!

    We are praying time passes quickly for you. Kitty Kat hugs and Meowy love to you!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2215 days ago
    Here is a get better soon emoticon Max
    2216 days ago
  • GAYLE-G-63

    Feel better soon Max.
    2216 days ago
    Max - our black cat Shadow loves to sleep in the round sinks. The other two don't. Our Max is too big. He's taller and longer than Shadow and I don't think fits in the sink as well. Snowflake is old enough and skinny enough that I think the sink tends to be too cool for her. Glad you are doing okay.
    2216 days ago
    Ouch - I remember when I had cats who liked to do that but they never hurt themselves somehow! Hope everything heals up well and that those seven days go by quickly for all concerned! emoticon emoticon
    2216 days ago
    Hi Max, I am sure your mommy did what is best for you. 7 days isn't that long (I think). My mom always laughs at the doctor at Banfield cause they always say Ananya and I are both overweight. We only weigh 13 pounds and have for years so I think we are really okay. Tell your mom not to blame herself for Thor. My mom has diabetes and she says it is in her jeans - I thought her legs went in her jeans. So maybe it was in Thor's jeans as well. Hope you get to chase lizards soon. I can't go outside, but I get to play in the garage when mom and dad put away cans on the shelves.
    Max (agree we need a black cat here)
    2217 days ago
    Max, it's your dog friend Zoey checking in. I'm not sure what happened to your paws but since your Mommy and Daddy love you they will only do what is best for you! Hope you get through those 7 days in a hurry. You are a sweet kitty.

    Now a note from my Mom to yours!

    Hi, this is Sandi, Zoey's mom, sounds like you had a fun evening with your friends.
    Your pot luck at church sounds like fun too and there is usually so much good food at those events!

    I'm sure it does weigh on your mind about overfeeding Thor, it is hard not to give them more than they need. I'm trying to keep Zoey's weight at 13/14lbs. It's hard to do.

    2217 days ago
    Take care Max, 7 days isn't that bad and it'll be over before you know it. Mommy is looking out for you and she does love you so much.

    Have a good time tomorrow Elayne, glad you had the time to enjoy yourself.
    2217 days ago
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