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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Today I reached my ultmate weight goal of 115 lbs. One year ago I would never have thought that I would ever be this small or healthy again! But thanks to sparkpeople and Chalene Johnson's workouts and my wonderful husband and family's support [and even most of all my Heavenly Father, Jehovah!!!] I have don't what most people would think is impossible! At my age I never thought I could be this healthy and small again. I really didn't realise a year ago how much the extra weight and bad habbits was robbing my life of!

The crazy part is NO there is not a majic pill or so called secret! The only "secret" is that there is NO secret to losing! Its all common sense and will power. These things seem so hard and complicated but their not. That hard part is all in your mind. Of course we each have our own health issues to fight, but thats not what I mean. I mean changing your view of food and excersize- for most people thats all they need. And will power for those in pain that think the goal is too far away. Don't look at the finish line!!! Take small goals and inch your way there. If you're dealing with health problems, love yourself and be patient. This may take years! But remember you're not in this for the "majic pill" or speed diet that will only get a little off now just to cause you to baloon back up even bigger later! You want to change your MIND, your whole way of thinking, moving. The way you veiw fruits and veggies verses snacks, cakes, ice cream, chips, fast food. I've decided NOTHING- no food will ever be worth hurting or worse yet KILLING myself for again. And I've decided my body deserves to get what it WANTS- MOVEMENT! And I love myself enough to never deprive it again. I'm worth the effort. My health is worth the work, the sweat and yes even the pain and inconvienience at times.

Join me!!! Please join me! This journey is NOT over! I'm still breathing, and so are YOU. Join me in making our lives healthier and better day by day. My new goal for my self is to be able to do my Turbo Jam Sculpt 40 DVD with 8 lb weights [right now I can do it with 5's.] Also I'm buying a stronger ressistance band for my Turbo Fire weight training DVDS. The 3rd thing for myself is to be able to do Turbo Fire 60 class with my weighted hand gloves. I have new goals for others too. I want to help my loved ones more. So my goals related to others is to be there more for my Mommy. To be the support she needs! To continue to try to encourage my brother to change his life [I refuse to give up on anyone!] And possible the most important- HELP MY CHILDREN TO LEARN TO BE HEALTHIER, with all their choices. Diet and exercise, so that hopefully they will never have to know what it like to gain too much weight or to be weighed down by bad habbits.

Well I just had to share this wonderful news. I just want to sing it from the roof tops!!! And wow- want amazing encouragement to do the workout I'm getting ready to turn on- Turbo Fire 60!!!
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