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Day 782: I LOVE Priority/Value/Goal Alignment ;)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I thought I would share my values and priorities with you guys :). It’s creepy how similar we all are and I thought it may help some of you gain clarity on your own by reading mine ;). I am OBSESSED with priority/value/goal alignment…it is KEY to living a happy life!! Truly life-changing stuff!!!!

My Top 8:
1. Love
-As in God (Love is God and God is Love in my world :)
-Love of others
-Responding with Love always
-Spreading Love (God)

2. Authenticity
-Being true to who I am (regardless of who I am around)
-Being honest about my shortcomings to encourage others to encourage others to be comfortable with themselves, too
-Being a loyal friend

3. Vitality (not my business, the definition of the word ;)
-i. Exuberant physical strength or mental vigor
ii. The capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence
iii. The power to live or grow
iv. The characteristic, principle, or force that distinguishes living things from nonliving things.

4. Optimism
-Always looking for the positive in EVERYTHING (this is life-changing FOR sure), no matter how terrible it may seem
-Always asking "what am I learning right now?" instead of "why me?"

5. Gratitude
-Giving thanks for what I already have
-Letting people know I'm grateful
-Thanking God

6. Community
-Collective community
-Helping everyone, regardless if I don't know them, if they are in need

7. Relaxation (I need to put this one on here, or else I FORGET ;)--I'm sure a lot of you can relate!)
-Taking time to meditate
-Taking time away from work
-Quieting my busy mind

8. Security (stems from the control-freak recovering perfectionist in me—can’t shake it ;)
-Feeling safe
-Feeling like I can trust people around me
-Knowing my next plan of action

My number-one priority is my spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

My second priority is Vitality (my business)/supporting myself by honoring my passion of helping others.

My third priority is surrounding myself with like-minded spiritual people who support me.

The reason why I have placed the greatest importance on my spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being is because I cannot be the best me I can be until I take care of myself first. My whole life I have put others’ needs before my own, which (as a lot of you know ;) can be extremely draining. I’m just now healing from this and getting better at taking care of my needs. I am just now fully starting to realize putting others first is counterproductive because I can’t help others to the best of my ability unless I am taking care of myself first! I also preach this to MY clients (who also struggle with this as well) and feel guilty if I am not practicing what I tell others (because authenticity scores so high on my values ;).

The following actions would be inconsistent with my commitment to my top priority: not taking time out to meditate, not taking time out to read, not eating food that makes me feel my best, skipping workouts, putting other people before myself, giving myself away, taking on other people’s problems as my own, allowing myself to get overwhelmed ;), and saying “yes” to commitments I don’t want to make (recovering people pleaser right here ;)…to name a few!

To honor my number-one priority, I will limit the following: saying “yes” to commitments I don’t want to make, spending too much on something because of my perfectionism (big time waster ;), spending time on things that don’t move me closer to my goals, eating food that has lots of sodium in it/processed (I have gotten SO sensitive to this!), procrastinating my workouts/pushing them to later in the day, negative self-talk (hardly ever do this anymore, but sometimes I can catch myself slipping!), etc.

To honor my number-one priority, I need to make the following changes: to be honest, I have made a lot of the changes already…but it is definitely something I need to reinforce and reinforce again and again and again. These are habits that I have had my whole life. I do need to make sure I am having my “me time” in the morning and that I am writing my daily to-do list…daily haha….to make sure I feel that momentum gaining. A to-do list really does help make me feel way more productive. I do a lot…and sometimes I revert to my old habit of not feeling like I am doing enough if I am not keeping my daily to-do list. In reality, the real issue is that I need to write down what I am doing so I can fully realize how much I do actually do. Haha. Does that make sense? I am seriously finding stuff on my computer that I didn’t even remember doing…that’s how much I do. Haha. Gotta remedy that—and a daily to-do list does the trick :). Keeping up with my affirmations as well!! That makes such a difference ;)

Priority statement: My number-one priority is my spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being. I will honor this by putting myself first and taking time to meditate, read, do my daily affirmations, eat healthy, and exercise.

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    emoticon emoticon Love love love!
    2162 days ago
    Great post and you hit the nail on the head! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2165 days ago
    I love your blogs! They are always so motivating and positive. Thanks for posting!
    2183 days ago
    Lovely. Thanks for sharing.
    2183 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2184 days ago
    WOW THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT!!!!!! I liked your blog so much that I printed a copy so I can read it everyday and use it. I will use your blog as an example of how to make my own priorities/values/goal alignment into a daily schedule for me to follow.

    Dixie Plank (friendbear30)
    2184 days ago
    Awesome! We are struggle with this daily (atleast I know I do). I have to get my workouts done before my kids come home from school or they will not get done. I am going to have to figure something out when they are on summer break (coming up the middle of May). I will not allow them to ruin my exercise routine. We all need to figure out what motivates us and don't ever forget to put ourselves #1...if we are not our best we are no good to the ones around us. Thanks for the reminder!! You are so awesome!!
    2184 days ago
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