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Friday, April 27, 2012

The Azure Destinations team has a... I'm not sure you'd call it a challenge, but a goal to create strong plans for the week end because, for many people, weekends are our WEAK end--that time when all our lovely planning and well meant priorities tend to come apart. So instead the Azurites create plans to focus on keeping our weekends STRONG and FOCUSED.

To help with that, the weekends alternate between focusing on nutrition, fitness, and rest/relaxation--all key ingredients to a healthy lifestyle. Now, a focus on fitness doesn't mean that it's okay to eat snicker bars all weekend, or the nutrition weekends to sit on my couch playing video games all day, but one key area is highlighted each weekend.

I've been really struggling with this. I've always struggled with the BLC weekend challenges anyway because weekends tend to be really busy for me. And I mean REALLY busy. And this round that is especially so--it's going to be one crazy ride. So I'm trying to come up with goals that are concrete and focused (because things like "eat healthy," while a good idea in general, aren't good goals/plans) but also flexible enough to accommodate a bizarre schedule that will probably change, more than once between now and the end of the BLC 19. For example, worthy though the goal might be to eat a home cooked meal every weekend, that's just not going to happen and so better to come up with a realistic strategy that can adapt to being away from home than setting myself up for the impossible. After all, one of my primary long term goals is to establish a healthy lifestyle--and that means one that will let me live *my* life.

Kat and Cyndi and some of the others talked about their long term goals to help them focus their weekly STRONG END goals, and I thought that might be a good place for me to start as well.

So what are my goals for this round?

WEIGHT LOSS: I want to lose 6 lbs. 6 pounds is a modest goal, and yet one I haven't actually successfully met yet--weight loss is REALLY hard for me. But 6 pounds is a half a pound a week, on average. It's also more than 5 lbs, which is my cut off between "daily fluctuations" and "real weight loss." I'm pretty fired up this round, and I've hit the ground running pretty hard (figuratively speaking, at least), so I'm really hoping that this is my round! Related to that, I'd really like to lose 3-4 inches in the waist and a couple of inches in the hips. I've lost inches elsewhere.... but that weight in the stomach in particular is both unattractive and VERY unhealthy. So I'm really hoping that the time has come for that fat now to burn away!

NUTRITION: Obviously, I want to eat a healthy diet in my calorie range, but I think round I'm going to focus on eating CONSISTENTLY. My hunger cues are messed up, and it's all too easy to skip meals and that's not good for me. So, minimum, I want to have at least *something* to eat within 2 hours of my waking up, a minimum of 3 meals/snacks a day--ideally 4 if not 5, so that I'm eating roughly every 3-4 hours--with some protein in each meal/snack as I tend not to get enough protein. If I'm eating more often, I actually tend to eat better and fewer calories over all--especially when I also plan ahead and have fast, easy to prepare, and healthy options available.

FITNESS: I am participating in a 12 week, 5 days a week streak that started off of the BLC and many of the Azurites have also joined. My body just won't let me do the 6 day streak--I need that extra day of recovery. But 20 minutes of exercise 5 days a week, while hard, should be doable.

I just finished PT for my hip but that doesn't mean that I no longer need to do the exercises. I still need to fix some bio-mechanical issues to keep things healing and to prevent myself from re-injuring myself. So in addition to continuing to do the therapy, I need to fix my fencing stance in particular. I'm also going to resume a more general purpose strength training program because I can tell when I started fencing again that my upper body in particular needs some work! And since time is, as always, an issue, I'm hoping to somehow strike a balance so that it's sustainable for the long haul.

I have a a major SCA event that is physically VERY demanding and I want to be ready for it! That means strength and stamina.... and fixed bio-mechanics.

I also am participating in a 6 mile long walk at the end of the summer, and that's farther than I've walked at one time since I hurt my hip--so in over 10 years. So I need to be strong enough to do it without hurting myself.

Rest and Relaxation: Ah, the super challenging one! Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm not terribly good at the whole concept of "relaxing." I'd like to experiment with meditation again, though I don't know if right now is a good time for that to be sustainable, with so much on my plate. But I'm hoping that I'll be able to carve out a little "me" time every day, especially on weekends--time to read, maybe time to work on beading or kumihimo. That's probably the best I can manage consistently over the next 12 weeks, though we *have* carved out some more extended "us" time in there
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    Zanna, Your goals are just for you, right! and that is how they should be set. They sure sound realistic and I like the concept of strong end versus weak end title associated with these goals! What a fantastic idea to set achievable weight loss goal too! Finally, its great to have rest relaxation planned too in the weekend especially! ;-) All the best friend, I know these are doable and go get'm! emoticon
    2216 days ago
    Nice goals! You can do it!!
    2216 days ago
    These sound like such great, attainable, realistic goals. I like that you're molding them to your lifestyle and your needs-i.e., instead of saying you'll eat home cooked meals over the weekend, you're going to find good substitutions, since that's just not realistic. Great way to do what works for you! I hope this round really IS your round...or, if nothing else, it's calmer than last round!
    2216 days ago
    You are on it like Blue Bonnet! emoticon
    2216 days ago
  • NAN111
    Love your goals! You can do it!
    2216 days ago
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