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Some people!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

I am so upset that some people make such demands on us that I could scream. Sometimes you can never do enough for them. One incident that happened yesterday was the topper. My daughter went to her MD appt so proud and happy. She had lost 52 lbs thru lots of hard work since the last time she had been there. When she came out of his office, she was in tears. He did not think it was good enough and that she wasn't making an effort to get serious about her health. He admitted that her test results were better but not where he wanted them to be.

She was so discouraged, she wanted me to stop and buy donuts on the way home. I so understand her thinking, why bother, nothing I do will be good enough. I've been there and now I'm glad I went with her to this appt. I talked her out of the donuts and into stopping just for coffee and to talk.

I think this MD was having a bad day and took it out on her. I told her how great she was doing and if he didn't like it, tough! I offered to get her in to see my MD who is more understanding. She is such a great kid with such an inferiority complex that she didn't need to be treated this way. She needed to be built up and encouraged to keep up the great work.

I got her laughing and then took her shopping where she was able to buy a cute top in a much smaller size. I told her that anytime she felt bad about herself to look at that top and see how far she came. I just don't understand how some people can use their power to be so cruel. Where was the compassion? It made me sick that he treated her like that. I am not a spiteful person but I do believe in what goes around, comes around and he'll get his one day.

And now that I've vented, I feel better too, lol!
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    I am so thankful that you were with your daughter & were able to get her to a point of celebrating her progress.

    I pray that she changes doctors without going back to that unfeeling person.

    There is no reason for her to continue putting her health in the hands of such an individual.

    May your daughter continue on her road to great success!


    2215 days ago
    I agree you should take her to your dr... No professional has a right to be so demoralizing.... what a nasty man... I've worked with too many people like that...had a stress breakdown last year and haven't worked since due to their meannes and bullying... has ruined my career I worked so hard to attain.. emoticon
    2216 days ago
    I would have stormed up right in the drs face and told him how much of a jerk he was. Then very loudly told them I was not coming back and why preferably so the other patients in the waiting room heard. But I'm rude like that and you probably would have ended up embarrassing your daughter. But she should still switch drs she is one of the people paying his salary she does not have to take that.
    2218 days ago
  • KANOE10
    I think you should also find another doctor. He seems like a jerk. However, mor importantly you helped your daughter not use emotional eating when she was upset. By shopping with her and talking to her, you helped the craving pass..This is so so wonderful for you to do. Your daughter is lucky to have you for a mom!

    2218 days ago
  • VICIOUS421
    I think you did a great job of reinforcing her weight loss and of making her feel proud of what she has done. I think 52 pounds is AWESOME!!!!! A lot of Doctors are like that, they think they are soooooo great and that we aren't, they treat us with no consideration and little thought. I have quit going to doctors because of incidents like that. Maybe you can get her to go to your MD next time so she won't have to endure that MD's negative attitude again.
    2219 days ago
    I so totally agree with everyone who said, dump that idiot and find another doctor. It's a good opportunity for your daughter to see that there is nothing at all wrong with changing doctors, or dentists, or lawyers, or any other professional whose services we are paying for, if it is not a "good fit". And she should definitely let them know why she's making the change-- if she can't bring herself to talk to them in person, she can write a letter.

    When we're really young and in school, we sort of get stuck with whatever teachers we get and have to suck it up a bit and just try to get through the year. But when it comes to doctors etc, we have a CHOICE. We don't have to stick with someone who is not compassionate or encouraging or supportive of our efforts. We don't have to be intimidated.

    Kick that jerk to the curb!
    2219 days ago
    I want to thank everyone for their comments and support. I am sharing these with my daughter to show her that she has many people on her side. It means a lot to hear from everyone. Thanks again, ;)
    2219 days ago
  • MRE1956
    Sigh.......some people should be PERMANENTLY unemployed! That is inexcusable! A pox on that damned doctor! And many kudos to you for helping your daughter through this - by all means, she should switch MDs ASAP!

    Sheesh - the nerve of some "people" (note that I use the word in QUOTES)!

    2219 days ago
  • EOWYN2424
    hello, PICKIE98, What does the "L" mean? Thx!
    2219 days ago
    I understand... I had gone to my hubby's old DR yeards ago for an ear infection. So he flushes out my ear even though of the infection (hurt like hell!) then as he hefted his own girth told me it would be a really good idea if I lost some weught (look in a mirror lately buddy???) THEN as I was leaving and checking out with the reception desk one of the ladies asked me if I even thought about using Rogine (I had me thyroid removed a few years before and I already had very thin hair to begin with). How freaking rude - I have only been there that once and have not returned since. Funny thing was my hubby still loved the guy as does his whole family so i could not even get them to understand why I was so pissed... you are a great support to your daughter and tell her to be proud of her progress... she inspires me!
    2219 days ago
    Great 'Bedside manner' he has - I don't think.

    Encourage her to change Doctors, as now he has upset her so, she is going to relive those feelings whenever she has to see him in the future.

    I have this imaginary book of people who " Come the Revolution" will be put in the stocks and pelted with bad eggs. That Dr is now at the top of the list.

    Tell your Daughter that the mans a Moron, I bet he has never fought and won a personal battle like she has - bless her - what a wonderful achievement 52lb, that's absolutely marvellous, she should be soooo proud of herself - I'm proud of her, and we don't even know each other.

    Your a Great Mom - keep encouraging her, and she will come through.
    emoticon emoticon
    2219 days ago
  • LGAR519
    What a hateful Doctor. He should be ashamed. I understand how your Daughter felt. Thank goodness you were with her!
    2219 days ago
    Your daughter needs a new doctor, STAT! As a doctor, I can say there is no excuse for that kind of behavior in a medical professional. Seriously, she should never go back to that MD and she should let the office know exactly why she wants to see another physician. It sounds like the progress she has made has been incredible and that she is motivated and doing great. Don't let anyone sabotage that!!!!
    2219 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    You are a great mom!!! This "doctor" sounds disturbing,, I think she should dump him like a barrel of chum and go right to your doc. I would love to see her pretty top. She deserves to have that. That guy needs to have surgery to have that huge "L" removed from his forehead!! You can tell your DD I said so!!! emoticon
    2219 days ago
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