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Are we there yet?

Friday, April 27, 2012

If you've been around kids, you know this phrase every time you take a car trip - and it's funny, 'cause after a while you start to wonder yourself, "Are we there yet?"

So, here I am, about 3 or 4 months on this journey and I'm loving the changes and I'm definitely more fit than I think I've ever been in my life (with possibly the exception of the summer I was in Jr. Lifeguard training). Plus, ya know, 14 pounds is nothing to sneeze at!

Oh, but that scale and it's lack of rapid decreasing numbers! I'm chipping away bit by bit and you know, my SP page header is Slow and Steady, but sometimes the slow and the steady seem, well, slow...

Don't get me wrong - I'm not going to doing anything wacky - no lap bands, no fad diet, no pills - but on a day like today (and coincidentally, yes, my weigh in is tomorrow), there are times when I wish there was a magic bullet where I could drop 4 or 5 pounds in a week just to get a boost.

Now, I know as well as you do that if I restricted my calories a bit more, or worked out a bit more, or most reliably, did both, that it's very likely that I would lose more quickly. So, I have upped my exercise minutes (going for a goal of 1,000 minutes this month and I'm very nearly there already with 4 days to go in the month!), but the calorie intake, well, let's just say there's some room for improvement.

My short term goal is to get to 10% down, which for me is 21 pounds. So, still a little ways to go before I get there. I was hoping to do it before I went to my brother-in-law's wedding in mid-May, but I think I'm going to have to revise that goal a bit and make it end of May, which is kind of a bummer for me.

Still, I know I've not been gaining weight and I'm having to work harder during my workouts to keep my heart rate up (yay!), so I know it's not just about the weight loss, but really about my health. The number on the scale is just a number, after all, not a reflection of anything except what my body weighs - and the other measurements of my success - eating more healthfully, exercising, taking care of myself are all showing great progress.

But oh, it will be nice when I'm finally "there."
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    dearest sparkfriends and amazing woman....

    Here's the thing... you are actually there! what?? yep that's right you are there... by that I mean you are no more present in your body, more motvated, more dedicated...more fit...more loving to your heart...the place you are at is where you should be.

    That said I know, I totally know what you mean... the fight between knowing slow, steady and safe is the best way but just wishing on weigh in day it said something like 5 pound lost would just super boost everything... I feel like this also, mostly also on my day before weigh in....

    You are doing great, and it will feel like a huge achievement to reach your goal and I KNOW you will... in the meantime when you need a pick me up just to remember how much you have lost....

    Here's a little trick I did just to really "feel" my progress... Grab a backpack or sturdy reusuable shopping bag, fill it will anything you can to weight out at 14 pounds.. (I use bags of dried beans) then strap that bag across your sholder for an 20 minutes and take it off... then take yourself to the closest mirroe and say..." I'm there, I'm doing it, I've lost and will keep losing..and I'm just awesome!"

    Do this right before the wedding too...because this will help you remember how much you have lost, not how much you more you wanted too.

    I believe in you!
    You are amazing.
    You are there already.....
    where you want to be is just another destination spot or lookout peak on the journey of health and better you that you are already traveling.

    xox sparklepie

    (ps not enough coffee to forgive any spelling whoopies)

    2242 days ago
    You are doing fantastic and have an amazingly positive outlook. YA!
    I do agree with ya, it WILL be nice when "we're" finally there. :)
    2242 days ago
    You're right, 14 pounds is nothing to sneeze at. Good for you! And keep it up!
    2242 days ago
    If there is one thing I have learned through this whole thing, my body forgets to consult my brain on certain things, especially expectations on the scale! I will jump on thinking that I will see it way down and it hasn't budged. Other times I think it won't have moved just to see it dropped a lot (of course these times are fewer and further between).
    It took me awhile to tell myself to let it go, keep on keepin on and it will happen. Well here I am almost a year in. I am not "there" yet but I am getting closer and closer. And like you said, I am fitter, stronger and healthier than I have ever been in my adult life and it feels great!
    Keep your chin up and know that "there" is coming!
    2242 days ago
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