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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Lord taketh away and the Lord giveth. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Prayer works!

What ever the problem was, my laptop is healed! But the cure has not been without its' hiccups.

After being sick for a couple of months and not being able to sit at my computer like before, I had prayed fervently for a lap top. I had no idea how I would get one until the thought came to me that my son-in law and daughter in Massachusetts were in the business of buying and selling items from yard and estate sales and might have one they hadn't sold yet. Of course I was right on the ball and called my daughter. I, as casually as possi ble, mentioned the idea to her. I was excited when she agreed it would be a good idea. Steve had all kinds of computers. It was just a matter of getting them in good working order before he could sale them and she would ask him if he had any laptops. She knew he would be happy to provide me with one if he could find the time to get it fixed it up. She would mention it to him.

A week went by and I didn't hear anything from her. I decided to call again and casually mention the computer idea. Oh! She had forgotten. My heart sank. However just as nonchalant and unexcited as I could sound, so as not to be pushy, I asked her to please remember to ask him. I thought, I MUST be patient. Two more times in the next couple of weeks I mentioned it. She had to ask him when he wasn't so rushed. Finally she asked him while I was on the phone. He agreed he would find one and fix it up for me.

The day came when she called to tell me he had just found one in an estate sale and just as soon as he could he would fix it up for me and send it. Oh, was I thrilled and excited then. My darlings wanted to make me happy and help me while I was in my "sitting" mode. He did the best he could to "fix it up" in the short period of time he felt he had to do so. Of course I was right there on top of it all prodding them along.

Finally the day came they called ready to send it and asked if I minded if it were slow. I assured them I did not. I was just so thrilled to be getting a laptop. But oh my goodness. I didn't know how slow it was going to be or how much slower it would get. LOL

I could hardly wait. I was like a kid at Christmas. It finally came and my granddaughter helped me set it up. From the "get go" it was slow and froze up when I had more than one window running. Perhaps that is why it was put in the estate sale, I thought. Heaven knew I was in a hurry or maybe Steve would have taken more time to make sure it wasn't running so slow.

But I was determined I would be patient and Tiffany, my granddaughter who was in town for a few weeks, agreed to help me figure out the problem. Since It is an older laptop, at least 10 years old, it had many unfamiliar programs that was filling up the space. She didn't think that was the problem. After hitting many dead ends she finally came to the conclusion that I needed to wipe my laptop clean and start all over again. She assured me she could do that, as she had done the same to her own laptop. Of course I prayed.

Having prayed for a laptop in the first place, I just knew that Heavenly Father wanted me to have this one because I had it. Yes, and He let me know that I got in a big hurry and pushed the issue with my daughter and son-in law or I might have had a newer or more efficiently running one, because Steve would have had more time to get it running smoothly. That was the first lesson I learned; I hope I learned it this time. #1"Don't get in a big hurry to have what you want".

Tiffany worked for hours and finally got it up and running once again. But it was still running slow and windows kept freezing up. I was not satisfied. I had to do something even if it was wrong. I just knew that the good Lord wanted me to have a quicker running computer. I uninstalled all the programs I thought I didn't need. But then I found I had a virus. Someone had hacked into my e-mail, and sent me a virus so I could not use it and besides that had hijacked my addresses and sent viruses to those people also. Tiffany tried to install AVG an anti virus program but since I had deleted something important it could no be installed all the way. It was only partly installed and caused more problems than I cared to deal with and slowed my computer down even more. That was the # 2 lesson I learned. "If you don't know what you're doing it's best to ask for help".

In my embarrassment and chagrin, I had to ask my granddaughter once again if she would wipe my hard drive clean and start all over. She was so sweet and didn't bawl me out like I thought I deserved. She would never do that I know, but boy I sure bawled myself out, thinking I should have just gone with what I had and been satisfied. She had worked so long and had such a hard time getting the wireless modem to work the last two times. I prayed the third time would be the charm. But this time I added "Thy will be done, not mine O Lord". Maybe, just maybe, I had misread the Lord's instructions to ask my daughter for help getting a laptop in the first place and I was supposed to wait until I could afford a new one. I was broken.

I suppose the next lesson I learned is, # 3 "When all else fails, humble myself and give it all to God."

And then the next lesson, #4"After much tribulation come the blessings".

And next,#5 "The Lord desires that we have our heart's desire but we often must wait because we have something to learn before we can receive it".

Perhaps the most important lesson #6, "Thy will be done, not mine".

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. May I apply these lessons to all my trials in life.

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