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NSV's: Blood work, and celiac disease highly suspected by my doctor

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I visited my endocrinologist today and got some really great numbers :) my total cholesterol and LDL are still incredibly low, but my "good cholesterol" has gone up to 48 :) yay! (I will keep working to get it higher!) Also my triglycerides are down to 84 ( they were 130 in December, so yay!). My HA1C is completely normal and I no longer have pre-diabetes--HIGH FIVE! But she is keeping me on metformin for now since it seems to be helping me. Oh, and my blood pressure ? 112/70 BOOYAH! I am one healthy fat person :p

Gluten-stuff: she was INCREDIBLY sympathetic towards my self-diagnosed celiac disease. She told me that 2 of her other patients had it (one tested negative on the antibody blood test), and both of them felt incredibly better after going gluten free.... Lost weight, had better blood sugar control, and both no longer needed thyroid meds after going gluten free. Wow! So yeah, obese people can be celiacs too, and the more I learn about my medical history, the more I realize that I have probably been gluten intolerant since at least age
4 (before I was even overweight my mom tells me I complained of stomach pain all the time and my abdomen was always distended, making me look pregnant. I actually remember being teased because of it as early as kindergarten... Yet back then no one knew what celiac disease was, so my pediatrician said I was "fine")

My doctor also said that she was not surprised that I suffered from fibromyalgia-type pains while eating gluten... She suspects that the majority of celiac patients are misdiagnosed with everything from irritable bowel to fibromyalgia to anxiety to anemia and thyroid disorders. Food allergies are not well understood or well researched (because let's be honest, the drug companies cannot make money off of a gluten-free diet). Wow, it was incredibly reassuring to hear her say these things... She confirmed my suspicions about my muscle pain and anxiety bring gluten-related....

Now I embark on a new phase of my life: experiencing everything for the first time without debilitating auto-immune symptoms.... I am so grateful for being able to figure this out in my 20s and not having to wait any longer to realize that I can be living a better life.

Here's to my new gluten-free life :) and may my body weight soon catch up to my incredibly healthy blood work numbers! (although honestly, these healthy numbers mean A LOT more to me ... It just goes to show you can greatly change your health even if you are "morbidly obese"! That being said, I do intend to keep losing weight--at whatever pace my body feels comfortable).

Life is good.
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    glad you got it sorted out.sorry i am behind in my blogs.what does that actually mean being glutton free.i donĀ“t know that much about it i am afraid.i am asuming you are on it it working?are you feeling better?hope so anyway. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon on the blood works.
    2176 days ago
    so happy your numbers are beter, love your attitude on going forward with the journey! - here's to a successful week!
    2179 days ago
    Great numbers! So glad you are finding the answers and tools to live a healthier life. It sounds like you have a great doctor!

    P.S. We have the same BP numbers!
    2181 days ago
    Wow-those are some great numbers! emoticon I am glad you finally got some medical conformation for what you were suspecting. It sounds like you will be much happier and healthier with out gluten in your life.
    2181 days ago
    Inspiration!! I prefer a lot of gluten-free food taste. It is hard to find gluten-free food in my little town here. But back in California I would shop at Trader Joe's and they have everything! Just to rant more my favorite was gluten-free ranch, lol :)
    2181 days ago
    WTG! Very proud of you! Keep up the great work!
    2181 days ago
    All sounds fab!! WTG
    2182 days ago
    Congratulations! Great progress!
    2182 days ago
    I tried that Quinoa/black bean casserole I saw in one of your earlier entries. Delicious! Good luck on your gluten free lifestyle. Im trying to avoid pasta and bread as much as possible. I find they dont satisfy me much anyways.

    And A++++ numbers you got there! That's great!!
    2182 days ago
  • MICHELLE_391
    Excellent numbers, amazing progress! You're a healthy woman on her way to the best life through gluten-free living! Really, a common thing, gluten, can really make a mess of the body. That's something I learned from this blog.

    I'm glad that you are feeling well and happy, may it continue onandonandonandon...


    (Also, I'm clicking the "I liked this" button. I think it would be important for more people to read about your experience with gluten. I think it could help many Sparkers.)
    2182 days ago
    wow that is awesome!
    2183 days ago
    I'm glad you finally got some answers Jamie :) I wish you all the best now that you have this information.
    2183 days ago

    I have Crohn's disease and most people thought you can't be obese and have it. Thank goodness my GI Doc knew better.

    I am glad the gluten free is working for you. I bought some GF pasta and I liked it so much I am getting it again. It was the archer farms brand
    2183 days ago
  • OSTERA15
    Glad you have some positive answers!
    2183 days ago
    FANTABOLOUS numbers!

    Glad to hear the great news!

    Keep up the emoticon work! All this only helps keeps you on the right track to staying on the healthier lifestyle.
    2183 days ago
  • MSLEO88
    emoticon That is awesome!! Proof that the scale is just a number!!! emoticon on the clear of pre diabetes your are doing a wonderful job!!! Great news!!
    2183 days ago
    You've got me very interested in this topic! I definitely need to learn more about nutrition.
    2183 days ago
    "I am one healthy fat person" LOVE IT!! emoticon BOOYAH!!! to you taking control of your health now, instead of 20 yrs from now.... Life is certainly good! Good job!!
    2183 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/26/2012 2:57:57 PM
    While I don't know what article she may have seen, I've seen one reference mention that going completely gluten-free and not taking care to ensure all nutrient needs are met can cause issues. Part of that is because things like wheat bread are often fortified with iron and vitamin B.

    Of course, if you go gluten-free in a nutritionally responsible way, even if you can handle gluten just fine, there shouldn't be any issues. I think the concern is with people who jump on a gluten-free bandwagon and don't bother to see whether the foods they're grabbing are actually healthy or just labeled gluten free. (For example, super-sugary processed oat cereal may be gluten free. That doesn't make it any healthier.)
    2183 days ago
    How awesome!

    When I talked to my mom (a dietician) about going GF, she told me that she just read an article saying that GF can be BAD for people who don't have intolerance to it... but when I asked her to see the article she magically forgot where she saw it. Honestly, I think it was some goverment/pro-farming editorial instead of medically documented stuff. I feel better when I rid my body of it, so why would that be BAD for me?!?! Ugh.

    Anyway, I am SO HAPPY for you! emoticon You are rocking your health and your goals and figuring out how to do it with the knowledge you have obtained and listening to your body. That is awesome! Your endro seems awesome and supportive. I hope to have similar results in May!
    2183 days ago
    WAY TO GO on your better numbers.

    RE: gluten-intolerance, isn't it awesome when you finally figure out WTH is wrong and there's a REASON? That's how it was when someone finally put all my random symptoms together and figured out that I have PCOS. 8 years after I first started complaining about my symptoms. But hey, now I know what I need to do and I'm doing it. I'm excited for you because you're going to be feeling better and better each day!
    2183 days ago
    omg That's WONDERFUL NEWS! The official news of being HEALTHY must have been sooo reassuring coming from your endocrinologist!! Wow, keep up with your good work! I'm so happy for you!!! :) Hearing this good news has started my day off right! Awesome!!!

    2183 days ago
  • MIRAGE727
    Congrats on your great numbers. It will just get better and better!
    Although I am not gluten intolerant, I do eat a lot of gluten free foods. My fave cafe is a GF/DF cafe. The owner has celiac disease and has worked hard to control her diet. I've said it before and I will say it again. Anyone that says eating healthy is not tasty is dead wrong. Just go on the internet and check out all the yummy recipes you can make! We bake with SparkPeople recipes and Elana's Pantry recipes. You can do this. I wish you all the best.
    2183 days ago
    I may have already said this, but should look up the book Wheat Belly. It's an interesting look at wheat and why so many people are suffering from eating it. I mean - people have been eating it for thousands of years - why are so many getting sick from it NOW?

    Cutting out wheat has helped me too, and pushed me to investigate older, heirloom-type foods with a greater focus and commitment. Yesterday I spent almost my whole food budget for the week at the farmers market. It's so interesting when you really start looking at nutrition.

    Congratulations on your excellent numbers, and on feeling so much better.
    2183 days ago
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