Week 2

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I think dedicating myself to posting atleast a couple times a week is more realistic to meet as a goal for myself. However, I think I'll still post "as needed" because I still need a place to dump my emotional baggage.

My most current issue is chocolate: hell's gate to fatty-land! It's not that my family is UNsupportive of my weight-loss attempts, but they are pretty UNresponsive to my needs from them as well. I'm in a predicament where temptation is at every stinking corner, and some days, it's harder to resist that piece of chocolate, or glass of milk, etc.

So, while I'm still under 1200 calories (barely), I am currently working to find how to break myself of talking myself INTO giving in to temptations.

My goal is to allow for endulging one time a week, as a small reward to behaving all week. I HAVE to learn I cannot eat whatever I want whenever I want and expect to be thin as well. ONE has to give in to the other.

As a side note, I have been eating nothing but fruits and vegetables, and it's not terrible, although cravings are setting in now that it's been about 3 days now.
Water+straw= full feeling, less craving.

I need a mantra to avoid self-talk to cave in to cravings..any ideas? =(

Oh and I still haven't lost any weight..but it's only been a week,so whatever.

End week 1: 225/225 lbs. Meh.

Three things you (now) know about me:
1. My daughter is named after a FFVII character
2. I'm a terrible procrastinator. (i.e. final project today...starting
3. I'm an all-or-nothing dieter (trying to change this!)
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    My mantra to keep me from caving into cravings lately, is "Be strong for tomorrow-me". emoticon Tomorrow-me is so tired of starting over. emoticon So if I can forgo those M&Ms or that ice cream and save tomorrow-me the frustration of having to start over, it's totally worth it!

    2219 days ago
    Hmmm - procrastinator? me too All or Nothing? me too

    funny the things some of us share! I've been struggling. I have taken to posting one reason to be fit on my daily status every day for the past week. It is really helping me stay on track. I think I could do this all year - I have soooooo many reasons! Trouble is they all go out the window when the bagels & cookies show up in the office, or friends ask me out for pizza. It all comes down to choices! Just make the best ones you can and don't beat yourself over them!

    We have everything we need to get to our goal weight! We can do this!!! Learning - patience is required and the scale is not my best friend!
    2219 days ago
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