Day 5 of 1500 calories a day

Thursday, April 26, 2012

This dieting lark seemed to be a doddle - weight loss is just a matter of calorific balance - if the calories going in are less that the calories used then weight loss will occur, fact.

I want to lose 2lb a week. Wiki-answers told me that it takes a deficit of 3500 calories to lose 1lb - so need to either reduce my calories taken in by 7000 a week or burn them off. SparkPeople report tells me that my BMR is 1700 odd calories a day. Working on these figures I could lose 2lb a week if I reduced my intake to 700 calories a day!!!!! Hmmm, I decided to settle for 1lb a week.

The problem with the calories in, calories out equation is that it doesn't take account of the brain. After only five days I feel like an alcohol or drug addict. I am obsessed with what is going to go in my mouth. My head is full of carbs and fat and calories and there's no time for the things I normally do. My brain is sabotaging my body. In an attempt to free my brain I'm writing all these obsessions down.

I want to eat bagels, cream cheese and salmon until I am so full that I feel uncomfortable and sick - how weird is that? I want a piece of wholemeal seeded buttered toast with peanut butter - my mouth is watering just thinking of it even though I know I'm not hungry and it will wreck my calories for the day. If I could distract myself from thinking about food then I might have more control - so I'm going to work now. The problem is that I love to eat without thinking about what is going in - but that has to change if I'm ever going to get into those jeans.
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    Shannishell has a good suggestion. I have another one, too. Feeling restricted seems to be the problem. You want to be able to munch whenever (whatever) you want.

    Well...maybe there's another way you can do that. Whenever you eat, go right to your tracker and enter it. And once you hit your calorie limits for the day, then go to eating stuff that is low calorie. I know this sounds weird, but actually being accountable this way helped me get out of that feeling deprived. So, if you want to start out eating those bagels, well go ahead. You just have to pay later.

    This may not work for you, but it is another suggestion....
    Distractions help, too.
    Instead of focusing on what you can't have, focus on eating a little bit of what you want, but only a little bit.

    Good luck!
    3075 days ago
    Thank you very much for your support - it sounds a good idea to make a daily menu. I distracted myself by working in the garden in the end and it seemed to take the cravings away. Weirdly I'm not someone who normally craves food but the thought of being restricted seems to send me into panic mood. Thursday is my day off - I think I'm going to have to fill my Thursdays so that I don't spend them obsessing about food.
    3076 days ago
    It may be useful if you make a daily menu and add it into the food tracker first thing in the morning. Then you wont feel so obsessed with food. If you get the urge to munch don't stop your self as you are only setting yourself up for failure. Eat carrots or celery both are very crunchy so they may satisfy your brain. Do treat yourself once in a while guilt free just don't over indulge. If you feel like you have went over your calories for the day don't stress about it take a walk or dance and have fun emoticon . Every day is a new beginning emoticon .
    3076 days ago
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