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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I have been considering some resistance band so I can get a little extra strength training at home. I know what they are but i know nothing about them. I read some reviews on Amazon and read stories of people who have really hurt themselves when the bands have snapped / broken on them.

I was just wondering if any of you use them and if so, what kind or brand do you use. For an overweight guy I am pretty strong and I would guess I need some really strong/heavy duty bands.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I hope you are all well and making healthy choices.

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  • RUSSELL_40
    Just stopped by to let you know I bought some bands. TNT fitness bands by Lifeline USA. Three 30 lb bands, so I can adjust the resistance. My A-fib kicks in sometimes when I am lifting heavy, so I can use this instead. Watched a few videos her on SP, and gonna give it a try. The range of motion is not as much, but I could feel the burn, when I tried a few biceps curls. Plus I can isolate the muscle more it seems, and I feel comfortable doing one arm curls. When you are lifting a 35 lb dumbell biceps curl, you tend to lean that

    The only drawback as far as I can tell is that as you lower it down, it feels like it disappears, not like a cable.Maybe this can be remedied by position of the cable. I will have to experiment, and watch a few videos. I can't figure out legs, but my legs are strong, and I walk 90 minutes a day. Maybe I can do sprints, or something, but they are not a problem for me.

    I can't figure out the door attachment either, so if you figure that out, let me know. I would like to do more of a chest exercise than stretching a band like a flye. Back, biceps, and triceps seem to have a lot of exercises available though.

    I got this for $34.99 @ Sports Authority. If it works good enough to maintain my muscle I'll be ecstatic.. it's 20% of the cost of a years membership at Powerhouse.
    2482 days ago
  • RUSSELL_40
    Why not just buy some weights. I do cardio ( walking ), and have some 20 lb weights for biceps, and 50 lb weights for back rows, and chest presses. I use one 50 lb weight to do tricep lifts holding the weight by one end behind my neck, then raising it up. Crunces for abs. lunges holding 20 lb weights for quads. Not a gym workout, but not too expensive if you just buy 2-3 sets, and a flat bench. I use a large closet, and put folded towels to drop weights on.

    I wish I could afford a Bowflex, and had the
    2485 days ago
    I've been curious about these too. Keep us posted!
    2487 days ago
    I've never used them, but I agree with the resistance tube suggestion. A tubular shape is stronger than a flat shape, so that might be the better route to take.
    2487 days ago
    My hubby uses the tube type in his Kung Fu classes. We replace them about 3 times a year. I know the brand he orders is whole sale but he has seen some in the sporting good stores that would "work as a quick replacement". I can find out if he remembers the brands. I know the ones he prefers are from Tiger Claw.

    Good luck.
    2487 days ago
    Also you may want to look at resistance bands vs resistance tubes. I believe you may find the tubes hold up better for higher strength/stronger resistance applications...
    2488 days ago
    I recommend that you go to Sports store and get the heavy duty ones that can withstand your strength. Maybe google what would be the best kind for your strength. I think you will enjoy using them.
    2488 days ago
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