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Wipeout, recovery, wipeout again.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

After my park adventures followed by car trip and visiting friends, I was wiped out Saturday night. But it didn't really REALLY kick in till Sunday and then it waited to get really bad AFTER breakfast, while I was delusional it was getting better. Got hit HARD with the sunburn, the actually normal aches and pains of using muscles not used to it, AND the fibro flare up, fatigue, and a few stabby colon AND reproductive pangs thrown in just to not get left out of the excitement. It was a eat breakfast and go back to day and have multiple panic attacks at how bad the pain was kind of day. I ended up slathering lots more of the aloe gel with lidocane on my arms, and at one point used a cool damp towel to blanket them. I took my ridiculous never working pain pills hoping but as usual I couldn't feel any noticeable improvement. I told hubby it felt like someone dropped a HOUSE on my arms, and then set it on FIRE!

So Sunday was a total loss to pain zombie nap mode survival recovery.

Monday my arms were MUCH better and I was so excited about it I managed to try my hooping again at a random moment and got SEVEN rotations, my new record. I didn't go very long trying it over and over but I improved and hope to do better when I'm more "functiony." I was really glad hubby had taken over dinner making for a few days so instead of worrying about that I worked on recuperating and cleaning the house a little. He made tacos al pastor and I had mine with extra pineapple and pico and lettuce to get all my fruits and veggies in.

Tuesday I swept the dining room and kitchen, cleaned both toilets and sinks and one counter, scooped the litterbox and swept the bathroom floor. I cleaned the kitchen counters and stovetop, ran the dishwasher, and I think that was the same day I swiped out the dishwasher vent with a cottonswab stick too. Hubby made chicken flameado with sauteed onions and poblanos that turned sort of soup but we served it over my mexican rice so it worked. I thought I was pretty functional that evening but instead of logging in on our computer game together we both kind of dazed out on facebook and internet browsing till I announced I needed to wash my hair and he announced he was tired and ready to go to bed. He thought I should just wash my hair in the morning but I know the chances of that are usually zero so this was my only hope! He stayed awake "on standby" while I washed my hair and then he was passing out, done for the night.

That's when my insomnia kicked in really bad. I tried going to be around 2am but gave up around 3:30 and got back on facebook doing mostly mindless stuff. I wandered slowly around the house in a daze off and on, trying to get water and remember why I was standing in the kitchen holding the countertop. Lots of aching and stiffness and muscles actually twitching still kept me from being in any condition to sleep, but I was in no condition to be awake either!

I came back to bed around 5 or 6 am and then got back up a while later and then came back to bed a final time around 9 and did my "sort of slept" thing till 11 or noonish when I discovered that hubby had made breakfast and tried to get me up but I just didn't make it. So I had cold french toast with fruit for breakfast at lunchtime to start my day.

I was trying to be well enough to make it to the movie theater for the matinee at 3:30 or so and that meant trying to leave by 2:15 at the latest. I started working on my back a while after breakfast, lying on a blanket and writhing on top of 2 tennis balls attempting to massage the deep aching pains out of my back and work on that tight painful yet numb seeming spot right in the middle between my shoulderblades. I yelped and squeaked and cried and the cats thought that was REALLY exciting and came to help me with headbutts. I kept trying to roll myself around on the balls to make it better, got stuck a few times, hubby helped me up once when my shirt trapped me. After I gave up I lay on my stomach and cried and hubby rubbed my back for a while, just the warmth from his hands really helped too. And then the almost nap of just lying there in the middle of the living room floor too tired to move till my bladder kind of insisted I did.

I really did feel better after all that but I was hungry by early afternoon so we had either late lunch or early dinner. Around 6 I was feeling good enough to walk the hall! But I didn't because I was worried I'd wipe out and miss the 8pm movietime we were aiming at. So I started getting ready instead and this time I MADE it! Got dressed, no makeup, handcombed hair, but I got earrings on so felt dressed up in my pretty blouse that's hand wash only.

And off we went! The car ride was rough on me. We made it out to the area the new theater is in and then we couldn't find it. He forgot to look up directions, the address, phone number, anything! So that was an adventure. I saw a lot of pretty meadows, nice landscaping, and an exciting fig tree in the middle of nowhere when we turned around to give up. After a lot of driving around we decided to go to Amy's Ice cream to help make up for missing the Guinness Milkshake at the Drafthouse movie theater, and I got him to ask them if they knew where the new theater was at and they did! We had ice cream and a nice rest time sitting in the little plaza park in the dark with all the streetlights and trees wrapped in lights at the playground and the moon showing and stars coming out in the dusk. I didn't get sunburned this time! Then I toddled back to the car and managed to climb in and we went to find the theater for next time since we'd missed our movietime. I ached and was dazed by the time we got there but we got out and went to look around at the outside and check showtimes in case there was anything else but there wasn't so we came home.

I zombiewalked in slow motion all the way from the car, got worse once we made it inside, and spent about 20 minutes crossing the living room and making it down the hall holding onto walls and stuff to make it to my bed where hubby helped me undress. Total shutdown broken doll time. Part of me was really devastated I tried SO hard today and didn't manage my objective. I'm doing a little better now, zombie staggering around faster and focused enough to type all this babble. Taking pain pills now and hoping for sleep or rest or something tonight.
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    I cringed while reading this. emoticon
    This kind of fibro reaction is just a nightmare. Hope you will bounce back soon.
    I have certainly had this happen while trying to keep up with others and wanting to do normal activities. It always seems to come back and bite me.
    emoticon and be patient with yourself.
    2218 days ago
    Hope you recover soon.I hate sunburn i burn so easily yet years ago I didn't DR says its the meds i take for fibro and lupus make me more sensitive to the sun emoticon
    2218 days ago
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