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My Family Went to See a Registered Dietician!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My hubby made us an appointment (me, him, and our 13 and 15 yr old boys) to get some nutritional counseling from a registered dietician. I felt it was important because I felt like my boys were viewing me as the mean Mom who is saying "no" to cookies, soda, candy, fast food, etc.... just to be mean. I wanted them to hear from a professional the right way to eat. And for them to understand the importance of eating healthy.

My 15 yr old is set on joining the military and currently is only about 5 lbs under the maximum weight. He needs to start eating healthier and exercising more because at the rate he is going he will not qualify. My husband is kind of taking on the fitness aspect for him, which is a good thing because I get too easily frustrated with him when he wants to quit after 2 minutes, lol.... My husband is WONDERFUL about working out with him and apparently they are doing amazingly well. My son got an initial baseline evaluation at the gym and is getting reevaluated next week to look at his improvement. Excited to see that!

OK, well initially the RD asked my children and my husband their activity level and told them their reccommended calorie range based on their activity level. She had a pretty colorful poster she was going off of. For me, she just says "Mom, you definitely need to be in the 1600 calorie range". She didn't even ask me my activity level! I felt like she just assumed I was a lazy Mom who just fluttered about the house all day. Grrrr..... I know better, lol.

So, once I got over being offended by that, it was really a great visit! She was wonderful with my kids. My 13 yr old is all about being fit and healthy so there are no worries there. But my 15 yr old really soaked everything in and I loved it! He asked a lot of questions and I *think* she really got through to him. He asked her about sodas and she told him he absolutely needed to stay FAR away from the regular full sugar sodas. And while she would rather he stay away from diet sodas, if he HAD to have one, then one diet per day is all. NO MORE.

I thnk she got through to him regarding his school breakfast. Our school offers free breakfasts to the kids and he gets a donut or pop tart every morning. We talked about other breakfasts he could either eat at home before school OR something he could grab if he was running late and eat at the bus stop or before school.

She gave us a list of about 50 healthy snacks. She encouraged him to got through it and mark which ones he would eat. SO that is now hanging on our refirigerator. I bought the ingredients for several of them. She challenged him to try 2 new vegetables every week. And 2 new fruits. He was all for it! And last night discovered he likes kiwi and strawberries.

OK, but anywyas.... Our family is now going to focus on "the plate". That poster is now on our fridge too. We talked a lot about that. Everybody is on board. We talked about our over indulgence of the grain/starches. Normally, when we would do pasta, we would also do a bread. You see, in the past, I would make my meal "special" , but no more. The four of us are going to eat the same thing every day. It is very exciting. DH is really gung ho about this too.

There are only a few weeks left of school, but we are, next year, going to focus on packing healthy lunches and really fine tune our daily requirements from the various food groups.

So that's what' going on for us! I have been having binge issues still. Finally had my crown fixed this morning and it hurt like heck and I comforted myself with some Starbucks pastries. Just alot of stuff gong on right now.... Not bad stuff by any means, but I am finding solace in overeating. Doesn't make sense. The nutritional counseling helped and I am hoping will help kick my rrear back in line.
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  • XRSIZE18
    This blog makes me smile. What a great, family-building idea. I hope it goes well with your son. Sounds like you're on the right track.
    2246 days ago
    That sounds so positive!! Good for you for doing it as a family!! Good for your husband and boys for being open and willing as well!! I love this idea and know how much a family can do when you all pull together!!! Very inspiring!
    2248 days ago
    what a wonderful thing you are doing for your family!!
    2249 days ago
    This was a great idea! My DD told me not too long ago that every time she eats something unhealthy she hears my voice in her head and it makes her feel guilty. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing! She KNOWS what's healthy; she's just not committed to choosing it. And she's very slim and active so she doesn't see the consequences yet.

    Best of luck to all of you; it's so great that DH and your kids are on board! It will make your meal planning easier too.
    2249 days ago
    That is awesome to have gone to a RD!! It's helps kids hear things from other people besides there mom and really sink in. I know my almost teenager is getting into the mindset of "mom doesn't know anything" phase, but if they heard it from another adult it is gospel!
    2249 days ago
    Great job!!! Always good for the kids to hear it from other people PLUS mom/dad!! Would love to hear updates on how the boys are handling it on a day to day basis! (I'm needing to convince some of my kids on the evils of sugar... they KNOW it, but they still love the stuff...)
    2250 days ago
    2250 days ago
    So proud of you and your hubby too! What a great thing to do for your entire family! :)
    2250 days ago
    Very encouraging. I'm happy for your family. This inspires me! I'm sorry that you're struggling with overeating. With your whole family on board, I pray that you will see relief in that area. You're a wise woman and your husband is terrific for seeking out this counsel.
    2250 days ago
    This is why it's important to eat right with your kids from babyhood, but how many people do that? If you start them young and healthy, they won't even want the bad stuff -- they don't develop a taste for it.

    I'm sure it helped the 15 year old to hear it from an official outside of his parents. I know I didn't like listening to my mom at that age. LOL.

    I think a great discussion to have with kids about modern day eating habits is to look at how people ate traditionally, like 100-300 years ago -- and sweets just weren't in the picture, except on very special occasions unless you were in the 1%. And if you go far back in time, fruits and honey were the only "sweets" for the most part.

    I also like to think of it as corporate "devil" vs. individual good. Corporations do not care about us as individuals, they just want to make money and will do all sorts of things to make that happen even if it kills us -- tempting us to eat and drink and buy a bunch of crap we don't need at all. Buyer beware, ya know!

    2250 days ago
    I loved reading your blog today and I just want to encourage you about what a great thing it was for you and your family!!! It may be uncomfortable changing old established habits into new healthy ones, but it will pay off HUGE dividends in the long run!!! The info/training will remain forever! What a GREAT track you have given your sons to follow! BRAVO, Mom! And the wisdom of having a Registered Dietician counsel them (someone other than you or DH) will prove invaluable for these two preteen/teen sons. After all, no matter how much we love and coach them as parents, they do get to the stage where they begin to value others opinions over ours. You did a very good thing for them. And as uncomfortable as it made you feel, I love how you were gracious with the dietician when she did not understand your proactive stance concerning your new Spark lifestyle. Certainly, pay it no mind and continue searching out your personal healthy eating/exercise ratio for each day to bring about your desired weight loss goals. The bottom line is to conquer the old ways and implement the new. Take Care dear Sweet MOM of Boys emoticon
    2250 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/25/2012 7:26:17 PM
  • JLITT62
    Awesome! I've always wanted to do it, but have never been able to bring myself to spend the money on it.
    2250 days ago
    WOW! I am so proud. I am considering this. I am reading a book called What is eating your kids. It is about nutrition and physical, emotional, behavior and learning issues with kids.

    I just want to say again, how proud I am of you and your husband for taking control of the situation. What great life skills you are giving to them.
    2250 days ago
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