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Tomato Pie

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The original recipe is from Woman's Day magazine and is way high in calories, so this is how I make it.

Bake a whole wheat pie crust until it appears dry.

Layer steak tomatoes and your favorite low-fat cheese along with fresh herbs like chives and cilantro. Make the top layer cheese and bake for about 30 minutes at 350° F. It is always a winner at our house!

I have used a cheese mix of fat-free cream cheese, egg whites, and shredded low-fat cheese as well. The key is to be sure to use a dry cheese, not for example fresh mozzarella or the pie won't set up.

I worked a bake sale at the elementary school today. Usually, I would nibble on the crumbs as the morning passed and eat a piece or two of cake as well. Not this time! Not even deliberately, I put a piece of sugar-free gum in my mouth and then every time I was tempted to pick up a chocolate chip or nibble some frosting, I went, "Oh, I have gum in my mouth already. There is no room for cake." It was really cool to see this simple trick break the habit of mindless nibbling. The next time, the gum will be a deliberate strategy.

Breakfast: 2 biscuits, turkey, butter, strawberries, apple juice

snack (after getting home from the bake sale) - quark, choc chip protein powder, soy milk, strawberries, coffee

lunch: 1 cup whole grain noodles, 100 gr pork steak, 50 gr peas, 50 gr mixed soup veggies, 2 Tbs fat-free cream cheese, sodium-free bouillon, seltzer

snack: 2 popcorn wafers, omega3 butter, low-fat cheese, turkey, strawberries, coffee, soy milk

supper: guacamole, 30 gr feta, 120 gr tomatoes, 30 gr chips, seltzer

Thankful today for:
-oh, the sunshine
-sugar-free tooth whitening gum
-a great sale of flowers for our yard
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