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My hair

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Those of you who knew me at the beginning of Spark People, remember me like this:

...With short hair!!!

Since I got Bell's Palsy (May 2010) I've been growing my hair out.

...and wear it curly a lot (my hair is naturally curly)

I NEVER used to scrunch my curls!
(I used a straightener DAILY when my hair was in the short bob!)

And this is what I had grown it to, up to last weekend...

I colored my hair (using a store-bought color) sometime last year and my hair was NEVER the same after that! I have SO MANY split ends that my hair is super frizzy all the time, and the curls seemed to require a lot of product to stay together and look good.

So, Andrea suggested that I go see her stylist. She does this reconstruction/smoothing treatment that apparently works wonders to make your hair manageable and smooth (It's a keratin treatment). So, this past Saturday, I booked an appointment with her.

Please note: I did NOT go to her for a hair CUT, I just wanted the treatment, and maybe a trim, if necessary. The whole purpose of the treatment was to see if my hair was "reconstructable" and hopefully save my hair from ultimately, the scissors. Well... Some hair dressers just DO their OWN THING!
(I must admit, my hair feels SUPER healthy and manageable, way better then ever, actually...) but OY... she severely BUTCHERED my hair!!! I have the worst layers EVER right now!!! AND it feels SO MUCH SHORTER too, even though I really didn't think she cut a lot of length off!
(It took me 2 years to grow my mane this long... my hair obviously grows slow, despite my protein rich diet. Boo HOO)

I have not taken a picture of it because I'm going back to see her this weekend again to have her fix it! (And really hope I don't end up leaving with a BOB! LOL) I seriously spent a small fortune on that reconstruction treatment... and to come out with a bad hair cut on top of the hefty price tag I paid for it all... is SO NOT COOL!
I really do hope she can fix it to my satisfaction!!!

Wish me luck!
emoticon emoticon

Is this a long haired woman issue?
When my hair was short, I never felt this kind of emotional drama about a bad haircut! LOL
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Love your hair! You are looking awesome lately, I hope you are feeling it too!?

    2238 days ago
    I have African-American hair that I wear natural - hence, super curl. I don't think I will be able to continue to color my hair anymore myself with the natural texture. I like it lighter and I am beginning to gray. I end up having three different colors in my hair. I was told last weekend by a stylist that I met at a danceathon that I would have to wash, blow dry my hair to straighten it first, then apply color...this is way too much work. I thought going natural would cut down on the work. I feel your pain! But, I think you and your hair look wonderful in all of your pictures.
    2245 days ago
    Awww that sucks A LOT. I am sorry your hair isn't the way you want. Hopefully they can fix it and you'll like it.
    I went into a salon once wanting to get it cut like it was in a photo I brought (always read that was a good thing to do) and it ended up a lot shorter and I wasn't too impressed.
    Another time I got side bangs, and I have a nice cowlick, and they made them too thin and wispy and it looked TERRIBLE. For some reason I didn't complain and just tried to deal with it.

    2246 days ago
    I FEEL YOU!!! I just cut and dyed my hair myself last week b/c after living in my small-town the only option seemed to be to drive an hour one-way to get it done in "the city." Or to be at the mercy of the locals who just didn't seem to get curly hair. Good luck! I hope she doesn't mess it up more!

    PS your curls are amazing in that picture!
    2246 days ago
    I had a keratin treatment a couple years ago for my naturally frizzy hair. I left the salon with beautifully straight, silky hair, but I felt like the effect didn't last long. The treatment was slightly less expensive than Yuko, which permanently makes your hair stick straight. If I had the time and money to go back I'd definitely get Yuko, not keratin, because it actually works for longer than just the time between the salon and the first shampoo. But I wouldn't do it if you want to keep your curls. Good luck.
    2246 days ago
    Oh no, so sorry this happened! I hope she is able to fix it this weekend.

    This is not just a long-hair issue. I have short hair and last year, I tried a new stylist because I wasn't happy with my old one. Awful! I'd wake up with cowlicks that I could only get rid of by washing my hair again in the morning (I usually shower at night after my workout). Grr. So you're not alone!

    2246 days ago
  • CECE0330
    Oh yeah. I've been going to the same stylist for just over 10 years. I do not let ANYONE ELSE touch my hair. Period. Had tons of bad experiences with cheap hair cuts growing up: I had long (back then) super thick (still do) hair that for some reason they just LOVED to "experiment" with. Grrr. Can't tell you how many times growing up I went home and cried after yet another butchered hair cut!!! I know it's petty in the grand scheme of things, but as an introverted, curvier child (hello-bra in 3rd grade!!! And no "training bra" for this girl. It was straight to B) i always set my hopes on walking out of the salon finally feeling like I was acceptable in the looks department.

    Anywho, I understand, and I hope you can get some resolution with this next visit! FWIW, I think ALL those styles look great on you!
    2246 days ago
    My Mother was a stylist for 30+ years, and I worked in her salon all through High School, so I have seen what products can do to hair.

    I have naturally curly hair as well, while I love my hair straight, I will only wear it that way maybe once a week, mainly because it takes too much time after working out in the morning, and it tends to dry out my hair too much.

    I like to colour once in a while but I'll use Semi-permanent colour, that way, it washes out after about a month, and it does no damage to my hair, added bonus, No Commitment, if i really don't like it, I just wash it a few extra times. LOL

    As for that treatment you had that was likely way over priced, you would probably been better off soaking your hair with lard for an hour. Seriously!!! The stylist likely cut your hair to try to hide the fact that the expensive "keratin" treatment didn't do anything in the long run.

    I do know that once you find a good stylist, stick with them! Since never having to pay for a haircut up until about 7 years ago (Mom lives 2 hours away) it was so hard finding someone that did exactly what I asked, now I found her and I don't mind paying the $60 for the cut because I know she always does a good job. Plus, she will trim your bangs for free!

    I hope you get your hair fixed without paying for it. I know exactly how bad a bad hair cut can be with curly hair, its the absolute worst!!
    2246 days ago
    Oh a girl who has always had long hair (with the exception of when I was in the service) I feel your pain. I've pretty much always had the same color with a few minor variations and I figure if they mess that up it can always be recolored. But cut, I'm so fearful everytime I get my hair cut. That stuff can't be glued back on!!!! I found a wonderful hairdresser (older, my age, unlike many young whipper snappers who just thinks its "fun" and better then going to college and have no clue what they are doing) while she was in cosmotology school a couple of years ago and only a 20 minute drive away. She has now moved on to a salon and I travel 45 minute to a town I would normally never go to just so she can cut my hair. She is wonderful!!!

    Sending good hair vibes to you!!!!!!!

    P.S. I love yours straight, curly, long and short. I secretly want a really really short haircut but will never have the balls to get it done. I don't think I can pull it off with my features.

    2246 days ago
    Oh man! That is quite unfortunate. I am a hairdresser, and I have long hair. You would think that I could get a decent cut from fellow stylists...Think again! The thing is once somebody screws your hair and your trust , you don't really want them touching you again. Your curl is stunning! She probably ovelayered it, making it feel shorter. Hope it gets fixed :)
    2246 days ago
    I have long hair and I'm extremely particular on who cuts it. I know you spent a lot of money but I pesonally would not go back if she did a really bad job. I think you should really consider someone else who can actually fix it to your satisfaction. I will only go to a hairdresser whose work I've seen. I've had butchered jobs before and now I'm very careful. Good Luck with whatever you decide.
    2246 days ago
    HUGS Jess! This is a butchered hair issue- you entrust someone your hair and if they leave you unhappy, you feel violated in some way - consciously or unconsciously. Man- that just stinks- I'd be furious and annoyed and I'm glad you're going back- I don't know if I'd let her touch my hair again to be honest, but I'd ask for part of my money back for sure!

    Good luck!!!

    PS I am in desperate need to do something with my hair, but I have trust issues. My old hairstylist moved away, so I keep putting the issue off- and hearing this does not make me any more confident-LOL. I am glad to hear the treatment itself worked.
    2246 days ago
    I hope that you will be able to get your hair the way you'd like !
    If such is not to be, at least it'll soon grow out !
    Good luck !
    2246 days ago
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