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The view from here

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I keep saying that, if a person HAS to run on a dreadmill, I have the best one there is - and I've been meaning to post a picture of my view from it. Finally got the technology together (and up off my butt), so here it is:

I wanted to take more, show you the whole view, but I felt weird taking pictures in the gym! (Generally kind of a NO-NO!)

Just to go on public record - I've ruptured a tendon in my foot, leaving it feeling 'weird' but not, in any way, dis-abling me to run. (There is some debate about whether it's the fibularis peroneus brevis or tertius... not even sure if there really IS a fp tertius! Not really important) The fact is, I've got 20k legs and an 8k gut. Anatomical limitations may keep me off the race circuit forever (or at least till major surgery, many years away I imagine) but they can't keep me from running! I have fewer problems on the treadmill and if I do run into trouble, there are facilities nearby. So that's it. That's my dreadful 'mill story. SO sorry if that's TMI - I tried to be delicate!

And for these reasons I am SO grateful to have this lovely view to enjoy. Four seasons of daily change on the river. Boats, beavers, muskrats and lots of birds. There's always something to see and enjoy. Even if I can't be out IN nature, at least I've got a front row seat.
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