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The Duck Pond

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I just thought it'd be nice to post some pictures of the Duck Pond where I have been running. I really enjoy running in this beautiful spot and thought it's too pretty not to share.

I've been running here and at the local high school's track but I much prefer doing my laps around the Duck Pond. The track still has its uses though as it gets ambient light from the surrounding buildings so if I get home kind of late in the evening, I can still go there to run. But I find running by the pond is just so much more enjoyable then the track. So I try to make it home while there's still daylight out. Fortunately, this is getting to be less of an issue as the days are getting longer. I can't wait until it's summer.

The Duck Pond is getting more and more beautiful. It took a huge hit during Hurricane Irene last summer. It completely flooded out. You can still see downed trees everywhere and where the water had risen to. But the trees that survived are all in bloom now and the place just exudes SPRING.

I'm guessing the county is responsible for it so it's really well maintained. On a beautiful day, it seems like everyone is there. FYI, they are cell phone cameras so not exactly the least blurry of photos that I am capable of taking. Still, I hope you enjoy!

This is what greets me when I enter the Duck Pond. Of course I'm motivated to run now after seeing this!

I'm a sucker for cherry trees. They're so gorgeous!

I learned what this tree is called last week at the New York Botanical Garden. They are called Chinese or Eastern redbud: Cercis chinensis from the Fabaceae family.
For more pictures from the New York Botanical Garden, check this link out:

I'm not 100% certain what this tree is but my guess is it's the magnolia hybrid Magnolia × soulangeana. I love flowers but I'm still learning all their names. That's part of the reason why my husband and I became members of NYBG.

It would make sense that there are a lot of willow trees here. Yes, there's a pond but the trail is also close to the river (hence the flooding).

The Duck Pond is home to many birds, hence it's name. The ducks and Canadian geese hang out year round. This time of year, the robins are all hanging out too. However, lately an egret has decided to hang out there too. It definitely stands out from the other birds. I've also seen blue jays and cardinals. It certainly makes the runs more interesting when I'm here versus the track.

And there's even a waterfall!

When I'm here, I feel like I'm miles away from everything else yet the Duck Pond is directly next to the train tracks and the highway. Despite all that, it does still feel like an oasis from the chaotic suburban life, especially since I live in a place that's more urban suburbia.
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