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Sometimes the universe gives you a sign

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I have been doing a lot of baking. All kinds of baking. Grew my own sourdough starter and baked my first loaves of bread last night. Started working on my brownie recipe for my business I dream of opening. Well to avoid eating all of said brownies I have been giving them away to a friend who took them to work. The first was a chocolate brownie with toasted hazelnuts. Yes, it was as good as it sounds. One of his employees tried to steal it they said it was so good. He told me he had to defend it because people went so crazy for it. Then I made a chocolate brownie and put pockets of all natural peanut butter in the middle. They were quite heavy and let me tell you. Even better than the hazelnut version. Once I went to natural peanut butter I never went back and there was something about the sweetness of the brownie that played off the earthiness of the unsweetened peanut butter that just really worked. I have also been experimenting with cooking with raw cane sugar to make it less horrible for you, if that is possible emoticon. It made the brownies have this dense chewiness that I really like.
I was doing all of this for fun figuring I would blog about it but then he called me today and told me that again he had to defend his brownie, which was enormous, and that one of his coworkers asked if he could place an order!!!! You do not get more of a sign from the cosmos than that. ASHLEY SELL YOUR FLIPPIN BROWNIES. No more self sabotage and fear of failure. One thing I have learned being unemployed is that I want to be self employed. I hate being a 9-5 person. This can work. People with much less talent and knowledge make it work. I can't let fear stop me. I moved to Boston alone to start a new life and I didn't let fear stop me. I can make a dessert company work!
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