What I love about walking

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Walking is my favorite type of exercise! Why? Let's see...

1. it's easy, so it doesn't even feel like exercising
2. I don't have to "make" myself do it because I enjoy it
3. I can walk by myself, with my family, friends, whoever is available
4. it's a part of my daily life (walking to the store, walking to my mum's, walking to work...)
5. when I walk outside (esp by the river) I can enjoy fresh air, nature or simply a change of scenery
6. when I walk inside (e.g. with Walk Away the Pounds videos) I watch TV and the time passes quickly
7. it doesn't cost anything - you can put whatever clothes you have and go wherever you want
8. it's very relaxing, releases stress and it doesn't hurt in any form
9. it's practical - you can combine it with e.g. catching up with your friend, clothes shopping, grocery shopping, going to and from work, walking the dog, going on a stroll with your baby, paying the bills, meeting a colleague, going to the hair-stylist, etc. I can do all that on foot instead of by car
10. the time goes by quickly, so unlike any other exercise, I can walk for a long time
11. it's healthy and energizing, lifts my overall mood, builds condition and fitness

These are the reasons why I like walking.

This weekend I managed to leave the apartment and go for a long walk with my friend. I talked her out of sitting down in a cafe, eating cakes, drinking coffee, and I refused ice-cream on the way. It felt great!I spent the whole last summer and autumn walking by the river and enjoying fresh air, so it felt great to be able to do it again. I can't wait to go for a walk outside on a daily basis! emoticon
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