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For those that wondered what happened!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sorry if this is long!!
For those that wondered what has happened to me and where did I go, it kind of started after the Miami Marathon in January 2011. After doing the three marathons in 64 days with Miami hitting the wall at mile 21, my knees were bothering me again so I started taking it easy and giving them a break. Then things started changing. We went back to Disneyworld in March I believe it was as we still had passes to the parks. Once again the Mother-in-law went to “help.” It turned into the trip from hell. But one thing we noticed was a change in Logan. For those that don’t know I have Tyler who will soon turn 5 and 2 year old boy/girl twins names Lilly and Logan that are now 2. Logan wasn’t looking at you like he use to. He still wasn’t walking but he wasn’t quite 14 months yet but was a fast crawler. Lilly was running around. Logan got sick with a stomach bug on Wednesday night, but was doing better on Thursday. We went to Epcot on Friday and then headed home afterwards. We were all worn out, Katie and I mentally from dealing with her mother who was no help, who climbed into her seat ad put her head down. She didn’t help with the kids during the drive home and was moaning. Let’s just say I wasn’t doing the speed limit just to get her mom back home as fast as possible. 20 minutes from the house she grabs a bag and starts vomiting. Great, Katie starts gagging in the front seat from the sound. We get her home and take off for home when Tyler vomits. Long story Long, I ended up being the only one that didn’t get sick and spent the night going room to room changing clothes, cribs and beds and whatever needed to be done. But Logan still didn’t act right afterwards. He wasn’t playing with the others, just by himself. We got real concerned and started really studying and everything kept looking at Autism. The Pediatrician said they don’t evaluate for that till at least age 3. We didn’t want to wait and went further on our own. In the meantime, once again the mother-in-law strikes again. Poor Logan that has all the problems including eczema is once again the victim. She decides that even though Katie has the twin’s lunch made and is bringing it to them, she will give Logan a little bit of Tyler’s peanut butter sandwich. They aren’t supposed to have peanuts till 2 years of age but I guess she feels 18 months is close enough. Sure enough he starts having an allergic reaction. Katie is trying to call me and I’m on the Interstate cutting a patient from a vehicle with the Jaws of Life. I get back with her and she had already given him an anti-histamine which is working. Thanks God it was only a very small amount of peanut butter as we had him tested and he is highly allergic to peanut butter. Anyway we have Logan tested and they won’t give the diagnosis for Autism but he is on the spectrum. Now it’s Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy including horse therapy. Also a Gluten Free, Dairy Free and obviously peanut free diet. He is doing better, but things point to after his MMR shot. But that is a different story. He is doing better. But then my turn. My back started hurting like a slept wrong and got worse over a couple of days. I finally got in to the Chiropractor and he says that he is positive that I have a herniated disk. He works on me for a few weeks or more and not getting much better to I go in for a MRI. Couldn’t miss seeing it if you never read an x-ray before. So I go to a neurosurgeon who informs me that he could remove the disk but doesn’t think it would help that I had it for a long time and now has started causing problems as it is severe and if it had occurred in the last couple of weeks I should have been paralyzed. Great, I love all this wonderful news. It got worse and the sciatic pain was terrible. It felt like someone had a blowtorch on my left leg and hitting me with a sledgehammer on my ankle when I walked. I went from running 26.2 miles to almost crying to walk the dog 100 yards. The Chiropractor wasn’t working well, but my neuromuscular massage was working some. Then a friend of Katie that has back problems told me about doing the Cobra yoga move. Every hour for 10 seconds three times each and you will start to feel better by day 4. Sure enough it started working. So now the back is doing better and I’m literally starting over as due to the depression of not running and everything going on with my son, I was eating horrible. Put 25 pounds back on and now couldn’t hardly run a mile straight. But I’m starting over and gradually making my come back. I will hopefully start seeing some of my friends at races again soon.
Sorry this was long, but I did warn you in the beginning. Barry
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    WOW!!! Talk about alot going on at once. I hope that your back is feeling better by now and that Logan is doing well. Lots of positive thoughts going out to you and your family! Also I am so sorry that I am sooo late in reading this. I was gone from SP for quite awhile and I am slowly catching up with things!!
    2121 days ago
    I'm late coming sorry for everything going on. You've really been through a lot. Glad the back is feeling better and so glad I read this...on of my cousins car was hit by a red light runner and she has been suffering back pain and has a herniated disc, now I have something to tell her that might make a difference. Prayers for your family and hope things are settling down a bit and the new regimens are helping.
    2225 days ago
    I am so sorry you have had to go through all of that. I am glad that Logan is improving and that you are doing better.

    I had sciatica years ago and my physical therapist recommended that I sleep in a fetal position with a pillow between my knees; this takes strain off the back area where the sciatic pain is coming from.

    It will get better, don't rush it. Sending healing karma your way... hang in there...

    ~ Dee emoticon
    2248 days ago
    Oh man, it sounds like your family has had a rough year +. Logan is lucky to have you guys to continue to fight on to find what is best for him.

    And about starting over... I hope you can use some of your memories from training for and running those marathons to give you strength, motivation and hope. You've put in the hard work before - and maybe your running won't ever be the same, but at least you know you are a fighter!
    2252 days ago
    I'm so sorry for all you have gone through!!


    I will keep you guys in my prayers!
    2252 days ago
    HUGS!!! Wow, you have so much going on! Hang in there. You are amazing and strong
    2253 days ago
    Holy Smokes, you have had a LOT to deal with. Hope everything settles down and start to turn around. Good on you for getting back with the program!
    2253 days ago
  • HEIDI-25
    We don't know each other and I found your blog post via the marathoner team. I wish for you and your family good health and lots of love and patience.
    2253 days ago

    I am so sorry to hear about all the troubles Logan is having. He is very lucky to have great parents like you and Katie to look out for him.

    Come back slow and steady....If I can do it so can you.
    2253 days ago
    You are amazing Barry! You will make a hell of a comeback! As for yoga, Eastern medicine more and more is showing we can heal ourselves more than cutting and medicating (in most cases.) Can't wait to see you make your comeback! Big hugs to you, Katie and the kids. Hope to see you guys soon!
    2253 days ago
    Wow! I'm tired just reading this. You and your family must be worn out. Prayers for health, healing and peace for all of you.
    2253 days ago
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