Feeling little rough...

Monday, April 23, 2012

I am feeling a little rough...

Friday after work - went for a nice walk on a gorgous hiking trail with my girl in her stroller and some friends. Threw rocks in the lake and watched puppies play.

Saturday, I went to the farmer's market to stock up on fresh local veggies... got some great deals, and also got a basil plant to put in a pot on my patio. I adore fresh basil in EVERYTHING, especially torn into a salad.

Went home and put my girl down for a nap... she fought it and fought it, and really only slept for 30 mins... which meant I didn't get my nap (ha, sometimes I think this is more important!)... We ended up going out for dinner and to the pool with my sister and her baby (same ages). I watched a movie and fell asleep exhausted... so no exercise, but it was a rather active day with walking aroudn the market, and playing at the pool.

Sunday I woke up with a headache... and a girl that kept having meltdowns and calling for her daddy (who has been away working for about a month now... she has only seen him through skype and such during this time... and he won't be back for a couple more weeks). The meltdowns were hard and emotional for both of us. After waking up, we watched cartoons, did laundry, ate breakfast, coloured, did playdough, went outside, moved the sprinklers, planted a few iris bulbs, watered the flowers, watched a tractor for a bit. At this point, I was starving, so I went inside to make lunch... ha, looked at the clock and it was 9:15am. Man, my weekends sure have changed. I was hungry so I made lunch anyways.

I tried to put her down for her nap, she fought it again, and as soon as she fell asleep, I also fell asleep... and of course, my doorbell rings. I managed to get back to sleep but her nap only lasted about 30 mins longer.

We chatted on skype with hubby for a while, which cheered up my girl. Then I decided I needed to get out and do something, because that would be easier than staying home with an emotional 2 yo. So I asked her would she rather go shoe shopping or to the park? Ha, she picked shoe shopping. Crazy kid. Heachache turned to a migrane while shopping, so I tried to leave as quickly as possible, got drive-thru for dinner, and we ate it sitting on a blanket in the yard... went to bed shortly after.

I am still feeling a bit rough today from my migrane yesterday. I so need a day off. A day free of responsibilities... even half a day!

I am having a hard time with the "rollercoaster" lately. I either feel amazingly awesome, and like I can totally do this, OR I feel like a bit of a disaster, hanging on by a thread. Today is a thread day.

On top of it, I didn't do much for exercise this weekend... I am at 400 mins... I need to get to 600 by the end of the month... right now, it feels a bit insurmountable... but I WILL go for either a walk or bike ride after work to take my girl to the playground.

Hope everyone has a fab day!
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    2191 days ago
    your 2yr old and my 2yrold should hook up and have tantrums together while we de-stress and up our minutes!!

    I honestly dont know how u do it! I have a hubby and its still hard! I can't even beging to imagine what him working away from home would be like. Be kind to yourself! U can definately do this!

    I find home dvds are just great to squeeze in during his nap or when he is in bed. I have a wii and just love zumba wii and biggest loser challenge but dvd's would work just as good.

    But most importantly dont beat urself up, and apparently this tantrum stage is just that...a stage and one day we will look back at our little cherubs and wonder if we dreamed it all.....I reckon with my boy it could be when he is!!

    Chin up honey!!

    2191 days ago
    Aw, I'm sorry your Sunday headache was so nasty :( I usd to get migraines fairly frequently and there's nothing nice about them.

    You can totally get your 200 more fitness minutes by the end of the month. There are 8 days left including today - that's only 25 minutes a day, and even taking a rest day or two the minute amounts are totally do-able :) Plus if you do something longer like a big bike ride or something on the weekend that will get you some extra time :)

    I have 255 minutes left for my goal on 1000 for the month. That's just over 30 minutes a day for the rest of the month.

    We can do this! We WILL meet our fitness minute goals for April!
    2191 days ago
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