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Monday, April 23, 2012

We live through many moments. I have let many moments pass me by. When I got pregnant with my third and last child, which was a surprise, I started to try to cherish each moment. Having a baby later in life really made me slow down and live each moment. Even when he was first born, I cherished each one as much as I could. I wish I had with my other two, but for me it seemed I was too caught up in the next step and what the next moment would bring. I am sure this is fairly typical?

This past week I realized that some moments are much more valuable to treasure. And a moment on the scale isn't something that is going to be dictacting my next moment. I weighed in this morning and was hoping for a loss of 2 pounds. This was the first week of my BL competition and just wanted to set a good example for all those I have inspired to join me in this 7 week journey. I lost .3 pounds.....was little disappointed til that thought occured to me. I can't let this ruin other livable moments. I can still set a good example. I will not stop trying this week. I will continue to post positive thoughts to all my friends who joined. I am going to keep going and that is setting a good example. Deep down I knew it wouldn't be one of my best weeks. I had lots of travelling, not too much proper exercise and strange eatting habits. But in this week I learned a lot and had many happy cherished moments.

Day 1 Moment 1: It is fun to play like a kid

We went to Conners Place, which is a playground about 20 minutes from our house, we go frequently in the summer. I was mostly the picture taker since my kids were so excited to play on the playground with Samuel. I realized that it wasn't just being with Samuel for them though, especially James, it was something he would enjoy doing, but feels too big to do those things. He loved every moment of it. It was fun to watch my "bigger/too cool for playgrounds" kids act like five year olds again. It made me swing on the swing and climb a thing of two with Samuel....something I could have NEVER done a year ago without feeling stupid or unable.

Day 2 Moment 2: I have come so far phyiscally

We went to the Bronx Zoo this day. It was the kids, myself and DD boyfriend. We walked for hours, not fast, but still walked up and down hills and all around outside. I realized at the end of the day I wasn't as tired as I would have been in the past and I was able to keep up no problem. No getting winded and wanting to take breaks. This made for more enjoyable moments as we were able to do the whole zoo with no problems even to go back and see a couple of favorites.

Day 3 Moment 3: Stress doesn't mean food

On the way home from the zoo my daughter had dropped her iphone out of her purse and we had to track it down and some woman had it, claiming that she bought it off someone, knowing it was probably stolen, but wanted her money back from us. I can't even tell you how all this went down, it is confusing and three people were involved in trying to get her phone back, including her bf. We finally got it back for $80, which makes me sick, but I felt better when daughter had her phone back in her hands with all her pictures and memories. During this I watched daughter stress eat and begged her each time to try something else, she would, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, but I realized that I had to set an example and I did it.

Day 4

This was an unplanned day and we had a great time, despite a few bad moments, but it was fun to do something that is probably a once in a lifetime. We went to Boston and headed to Fenway Park for their Open House for their 100th anniversary of opening. It was so much fun to be able to let the kids go anywhere in the park they wanted and see the views from different parts. It was a bit crowded, later we heard they had expected 5,000 people and 54,000 showed up! Again on this day though I realized how much more I could do phyiscally. I climbed stairs and walked all around!

Day 5 Moment 5 I am not too tired....

Beach bound. The kids begged all week to go the beach. I kept saying, no, we have so much done and will be tired and yada yada yada....well come Thursday I decided why not go? So, we did. The kids were thrilled and everyone had a good time despite a run in in with middle child, which again I won't even describe for the length...tweens...sigh....I walked on that beach feeling good about myself though, not embarassed, not like people were looking at me or looking at my family and thinking what a fat mom my kids have. We sat in the sun watched Samuel play in the sand and had a good time. In the past after that beginning of the week I would have been exhausted and made my kids stay home....I am glad that I made their vacation fun and special.

I so wanted to put pictures into this blog, but it won't let me!

I hope everyone has a great day and week. I am heading to the store now to get the stuff to make my birthday cheeseCAKE since I don't really like cake. I am making it semi healthy and then I am off to do some Zumba, perfect!
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  • MARYANN2323
    What a great way to think. Well done.
    2247 days ago
    What a fantastic mentality, lady! You sure know how to keep things positive.
    2247 days ago
    This blog encouraged me so much. I relate to so much of what you said. It's awesome to cherish the victories you have and how far you have come!
    2247 days ago
    What a great blog! So many people told me to cherish every moment with my baby, and I tried! But man oh man doesn't that time fly anyways? Now I have a chatterbox busybody toddler to contend with! Glad you had a great week with the kids, taking the good with the bad, and all in stride! Well done Tracy!
    2247 days ago
    Way to are such an inspiration!
    2247 days ago
    Sounds like it was a fun filled week! Lots of fun memories. Happy to hear you all had so much fun!! I also hope you have a Wonderful Birthday!!! emoticon
    2247 days ago
    It makes me tired to read all you did emoticon Sounds like you had a very memorable week for all of you. You actually did really well for your week off the plan. emoticon on making so many good choices! emoticon emoticon
    2247 days ago
    Thank you for the reminder. I do let to many precious moments pass me by hurrying from one thing to another. It sounds like you had a wonderful week. You should be so proud of yourself losing on a vacation week is awesome, .3 is great. It sounds like your getting your groove back.
    Having a wide spread in age has been fun for me as well. My oldest daughter is 20 ( I was 17) and my youngest son is 5 ( I was 32).
    Have a great Birthday ! emoticon

    2247 days ago
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