The red dress photo - The lost election - and the boy at home.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

So, by popular demand, here is a photo of me in "the red dress". It isn't the best photo. It was taken by my youngest, who subsequently developed a fever, and wasn't really "in" to the photo session at the time. Additionally, it was after a long day at work, I'm pretty wrinkly, and I wouldn't let her photograph me full length because of my gross swollen foot. (Wow - quite a sales pitch, no?) In any case, here I am:

In other news, I lost the election. It was close, and all I've heard since is a lot of really supportive stuff from my colleagues. Given my ambivalence, I'm totally ok with the outcome. The only REAL bummers from it are that I won't get to work with the Dean as I was hoping (she is an amazing woman who I want to learn from) and I won't get all the experiences across the college with colleagues either. Truly, the good stuff outweighs the bad, especially since I'm going to write the Dean and ask her if she'll be a more formal mentor for me, and I can just ramp up my committee work to make up for the other lack.

I'm really ok with it, though in all honesty, I was surprised. I guess I shouldn't be though, I didn't make a single phone call or "campaign" at all beyond my talk and the copy of my talk that went out. It is all good. More time for workouts and family!

"N", my friend's son with the brain tumor is AT HOME!!! We won't know until next week whether it was cancer or not, but for now, he's home. He had a tumor the size of lemon (according to the doc) removed from his head in a 5 hour surgery on Thursday, and he is already doing well enough to go home. I'm amazed. He was at CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) and it was apparently an amazing place. I'm doing a serious happy dance for N and his whole family!

My weight - ehhhh it is a big BLAH! I'm going nowhere. I probably need to do something different, but for the moment, I'm not up for it. I'm PMS'ing for certain (next week is Flo's ETA) and honestly? I feel so good (physically, not emotionally - note the PMS...), I don't give a flying flip about the scale and my weight. I'm in a size 6 of my favorite catalog brand (just got two new skirts and they fit perfectly!) I have lots of energy, and can lift things like a mo-fo. I'll renew my efforts in a few weeks when the semester is over. I'll be basically insane until then anyway.

And there is that red dress - in the closet for probably 4 years? Now, it might be a little big. :)
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  • CODYG123
    I'm not a dress person, I don't own one, but I love the color of your dress. I agree with everyone that your arms look awesome. And, you should have been elected because you rock. They'll learn. emoticon
    2550 days ago
  • OPTIMIST1948
    Red dress definetly looks just a tad loose. Weight - so what. If you are happy with yourself and buying clothing in your new size - then go with it! Maybe you should wear that power color when you next approach the Dean. I'm envious. I want to work with someone who inspires me!

    I know next to nothing, but 5 hours for head surgery sounds short. I'm optimistic on his prognosis.
    2551 days ago
    1. Excellent news on "N". I'll keep the prayers going.
    2. Red dress - dahling - you look mahvelous!
    3. Dean as mentor - you took the words out of my mouth (or out of my brain, or off my keyboard...) I was beginning to form those thoughts and there it was. You are clearly a brilliant, as well as beautiful, woman.
    4. I'm with VIXSTERLU, I have arm envy.
    5. Can you type "mo-fo" on spark and get away with it? LOLOL!
    2551 days ago
  • YDAVIS23
    My favorite part of this whole blog is your ability to lift things like a "mo-fo." Your arms do look amazing!!! And the red dress is perfect!!!

    As for the election... I really like your idea of getting formal mentoring from this woman. Great opportunity for professional growth without the pressure of holding the position. I'm glad you feel good about the outcome.

    Send lots of love to your friends! Glad they are home.
    2551 days ago
    OMG Missi, YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! Look at those fit arms, I have arm envy. And yes, I think the dress is a little big???

    So glad N is home and with his family. I am sending prayers their way.

    Good call on asking the Dean to mentor you :) One way or the other, you are going places.

    So, let's buckle down and get thru the semester. There's fun to be had in the coming months :)
    2551 days ago
    LOL @ your comments on the dress. You look amazing!

    Hope the foot's better soon, and so glad to hear that N is home. May the news from here on out for him only gets better. CHOP is (arguably) the best pediatric hospital in the country, so that was an excellent place for him to land.

    Enjoy the extra workout time! You may end up with less of it next election cycle... emoticon
    2551 days ago
  • no profile photo GARBLEDEEGOOK
    Nice dress :) When is the next elections? Take a cue from politicians, keep tabs and start campaigning early next time since it sounds like there are a lot of people who'd like fresh blood :)

    2552 days ago
  • no profile photo SGTMAJD
    You sound like you are in a good spot regardless of all the things you are coping with at this time. Keep the red dress and never let it get too small to wear!
    2552 days ago
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