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The magnesium miracle

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Remember my blog about potassium? well, it's time to celebrate another essential nutrient...

Magnesium is an important electrolyte that the body uses for normal functions (your nerves, your insulin production, etc).

Along with my multivitamin and fish oil, I take a magnesium supplement, in the form of magnesium citrate (400mg per day, not all of that is absorbed). Before I started taking this supplement, I had terrible pain in all of my muscles, fatigue, chronic constipation, and migraines all the time.

Last week, I accidentally stopped taking my magnesium because of being busy with school. Lo and behold, the muscle pains, fatigue, constipation, and migraines came back. Two days ago I began supplementing again, and today I am already feeling back to my energetic, painless self!

So, apparently my body does not get enough magnesium from my diet (although I do make a point of eating lots of spinach and almonds). This deficiency may have something to do with my gluten problem: I suspect (and will be able to confirm once i get my health insurance back) that I have celiac disease, which is a disease where gluten (from wheat and other grains) slowly attacks and destroys the villi in your small intestine, thereby compromising nutrient absorption. This can lead to all sorts of nutrient deficiencies until I am on a gluten-free diet long enough for my intestines to heal.

I've been gluten-free (minus two slip ups) for only a few weeks, so apparently my intestines are still not fully healed. I'm also missing out on a lot of magnesium from whole wheat and barley, which used to be a good chunk of my diet, so it's probably good that I am supplementing.

I had also been taking midol over the past week, which contains a diuretic which flushes potassium and magnesium out of your system, thereby probably compounding my deficiency.

It's incredible how much better I feel now that I am supplementing this mineral again. It has really made all the difference in allowing me to workout and focus more clearly on schoolwork.

"The Magnesium Miracle:"

"Magnesium and insulin resistance:" wholehealthsource

"Magnesium for pain-relief (Dr. Oz Show):"

"List of high-magnesium foods:" www.vaughns-1-pag

There is a magnesium blood test, so you can get that done if you suspect a magnesium deficiency in your own body (and have health insurance unlike me). Taking a supplement won't harm most people, but ask a doctor before starting one if you have kidney problems.

I emoticon you, magnesium.
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    2144 days ago
    I have been taking magnesium for a while now. It is a muscle relaxant so those of you not used to it, ease into it or you may end up with the opposite of constipation (remember, your intensities are muscles so they will relax along with all your other muscles). I noticed it helped with those annoying eye twitches. I used to get them all of the time until I started taking magnesium. I really need to change over to magnesium citrate but am having a hard time finding it. I also hear there is a topical gel that is absorbed through the skin and does not have the negative affect on relaxing the intestines too much. I suspect that you can find that in health food or speciality stores, but I haven't looked for it.
    For those of you that take magnesium, do you also take calcium supplements? If so do you take the two together or at different times of the day?
    2246 days ago
    Another magnesium lover here. I have been taking it for years.
    2247 days ago
    I am a magnesium believer as well. I had problems like yours. I don't assimilate minerals well in my gut so I use it topically. It is called Magnesium oil and your skin absorbs what it needs. It actually tingles when it is working.
    2247 days ago
    I agree! I love my magnesium. I was getting some relief with 200 mg-but 400 is wonderful!
    Spark On! We Got This!
    2248 days ago
    I totally agree with you about magnesium! I take a powdered form called Natural Calm. I've been taking it about 2-3 times a week for over a year. For years I have suffered chronic constipation and a LOT of unexplained anxiety. I eat SO much fiber, drink a lot of water, and I also take a digestive enzyme to help digest all that fiber. But..... constipation continued to be a problem for me sporadically. Yes, too MUCH fiber can be just as annoying as not having enough. My body had a difficult time breaking down all that plant fiber, and the results were an uncomfortable bloated "delay." I take 2 tsp. a few times a week and I have not had a problem since I found out about magnesium citrate. I wonder how many people out there who have been diagnosed with IBS and other sluggish bowel problems would benefit from this natural mineral??? I know a lot of people are on prescriptions to keep them regular, and all it takes is a $14 natural supplement to keep them "going" with no side effects!

    Thanks for posting this and getting the word out there. I also now include a lot more magnesium rich foods in my diet, so sometimes I only take the supplement once a week.

    I didn't see kale on this list, but I know 1 cup of that gets me "going!"

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2248 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/23/2012 12:22:50 PM
    I've been taking Magnesium Citrate for about 4 months now. It's really helped with my energy level and has boosted my cardio workouts, plus sleep is more sound.

    There's evidence that the current RDA is too low. I make sure to get 500-650 milligrams daily.
    2248 days ago
    I agree -- Magnesium is a great nutrient. I've heard of its benefits for the heart, for calming, and for tics -- but didn't know about the movement boost :-). So glad you're enjoying some great, notable results!

    (For chronic fatigue -- you may already know this -- but you may want to check out CoQ10 -- I've read that it is great for the heart and really important for anyone on statins, too).
    2248 days ago
    Very interesting!

    I am sure I do not absorb all the vital nutrients since I have IBD (Crohn's) I should be taking a multi vitamin and multi minerals.
    2248 days ago
  • KIPPER15
    I take the supplement too. i also noticed the change when I forgot it for a couple of day. Great informational blog.
    2248 days ago
    You really have learned how to listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Good job!

    There is a free online quiz to determine if you might be magnesium deficient at .

    2248 days ago
  • SWALL84
    Thanks for the helpful information!
    2248 days ago
    The calcium - magnesium connection is one I remember my mother talking about from the Adelle Davis book on Eat Right to Live Well (or something like that).
    2248 days ago
    thanks for sharing such great information! it is appreciated. and something I"m going to check into. thanks for being a great inspiration!
    2248 days ago
    2248 days ago
    It's amazing how just one little change in your day can have such a big impact! Forgetting to take one supplement explodes everything else! I'm really glad that you are figuring your body out and are taking control of it! The longer you do this the even more amazing you're going to feel! emoticon
    2248 days ago
  • GGMOM06
    emoticon THANKS FOR THE LINKS..........I TAKE MAG. BUT HATE TAKING 3 PILLS AT A TIME. Maybe that's bc it's got zinc and calcium too. I used to take only 1 mag. pill and 1 pot. pill a day . I have fibro etc. and in pain 24/7 thanks again
    2248 days ago
    I enjoyed your blog. I also just saw this book at the book store a few minutes ago. My son and I both take mag supplements. Chronic pain for me and autism for him. I have seen good benefits in it for both of us. Thanks for the info

    2248 days ago
    I take my magnesium an hour before bed and it helps me sleep better and it keeps me very regular.

    Seems that my doctors have been checking my magnesium levels for a while now and even though they come back within normal range, I need lots more.

    With my vitamin D, no matter no much I take, my body can't get enough and my results are always in the toliet.
    2248 days ago
    AH! YAY Magnesium. I'm so glad you are feeling better. emoticon Apparently magnesium is also a superstar with relieving "Runny legs". There should be a love song or haiku written about the minerals that make our bodies feel better!

    2248 days ago
    2248 days ago
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