32 today in my 32's....NEVER AGAIN!!!!

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Never thought I would be so excited about getting older!!!! I use to cry when my birthday would come around...I hated the thought of getting older! NOT TODAY!
So today I turn 32!!!! All I have to say is that turing 32 is not bad....not bad at all, at least not for me!
You see I'm 32 today, but feel younger and healthier than I did at the age of 22 and I weigh less than I did at the age of 12(yes I weighed 255 when I was 12 yikes). I'm now on the verge of entering ONEderland. I'm so happy, healthy, and full of energy. I'm a better wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend. I am finally becoming the person I always dreamed of being but never thought I had it in me to achieve. As I'm typing this I just realized that the size pants I wore when I started this journey were a size 32w(snuggly btw) what a coincidence I think its time to pull those out and get a pic(you will see below)!!! I wear 14s now(out of the misses section no W there) yay!!! I have lost a total of 168.3lbs from my heaviest till now and down 18 sizes. I actually bought a size 12 jean skirt this week too....12 are you kidding me!!! I see a new wardrobe in my near future....I am now accepting donations to the Tracy needs new clothes fund...LOL!!!!
This year I think is going to be one of the greatest years of my life! The way I feel is amazing and its only going to get better. I can't wait to be in the 100s....and I plan on hitting my overall goal of losing 200 total pounds during this year as well. i will also be running a 5k this year....and doing all the fun things I was terrified of doing due to my size. Such as going to amusement parks and riding every ride!!! I love love love rollercoasters! However I have been unable to ride them for years and years. I have been terrified of getting in the seat and the bar not locking down on my lap(which I saw happen to some one and my heart broke for them), or the belt not fastening. The last time I rode a roller coaster was at universal studios and it was because they had a few seats made for larger people....I was so sad I had to get in the larger seat to be able to ride I almost didn't go on it but got the courage up to experience previous to that one was at Cedar point...this was many many years ago I went to get on the millinium force with a friend and the belt would not fasten....I was mortified....insted of saying the belt didn't fit I pretended I was just too scared to ride the ride which was not the case at all...I love roller coasters...the truth was I was too scared to let anyone know I was too large for the ride, even the friend I got on the ride with still doesn't know thats why I got off. Typing this brings those emotions right back up to the surface. Its funny because I know I would have no problem fitting in the seat now but I'm still terrified of it happening again! Once that happened I went from going to amusement parks all the time to not going at all....this year at the age of 32 that ALL changes...I'm going to amusment parks, fairs, everything....and I'm riding them all....even riding rides with my babies you know why....because I CAN!!!!!!
So here's to 32 being an amazing year full of health, happiness, and new adventures!!!!!! This is my year, for me, my family, my limits!!! Lets get this party started!!!! I GOT THIS!!!!!!
Thanking God for all the blessings in my life and for this excellent year I'm about to have!!!!
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