My 1st bike CRASH! I'm okay....

Saturday, April 21, 2012

For those familiar with this area, we were on the Sawmill Branch Trail. At mile 13 of a 16 mile ride, under the Trolley Road bridge part of the trail, 3 kids had their bikes parked ON THE TRAIL (in the darkness of the shadow of the bridge). At about 15 mph down the descent under the pass, dodged 2bikes, hit the 3rd! After hubby rigged my bike enough that it would ride, I FINISHED the ride!!! And, no, I did NOT cry!

Lesson learned from all sides here. 1)Shame on me for not having my helmet on! I did hit my head! Please, don't lecture me, I won't respond. I know better. Won't happen again! 2)The parents of those kids will hopefully teach them better while being in that kind of environment. It's not all sight-seeing and fishing in the ditches! Some of us go out there for a work-out! There are guys on road bikes out there that surely do 20mph or faster for the entirety of the trail!

But, as I told my friends on FB...I'm going to use it as a learning experience! Besides, since nothing is broken, I didn't have to take a ride to the ER, I don't have a concussion (that we know of, yet), I FINISHED the ride AND I didn't cry, AND I didn't cuss--I have TOTAL BRAGGING RIGHTS! I mean, Hubby will tell ya', it was a pretty good tumble! And I hit a little piece of each corner of my body! hahaha! Pics below:

But after I shook it off, got over being mad about it, realized that I could finish the ride instead of walking my bike back, all-in-all, it was a great ride! I mean, I did 16.2 miles!!! My longest ride, yet! :)


HAHAHAHA! I'm glad that the ending was one that I can laugh about after-the-fact. It really could've been a horrible, horrible thing!
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    Glad to hear that you're OK, especially since you hit your head without having a helmet on. You were so lucky...

    (I got a concussion from a crash once and I was wearing a helmet...)
    2223 days ago
    Glad to hear that you are doing well. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go about your business...that's the spirit!!! And it's a lesson to me...I will be sure to wear a helmet when bicycling!!!

    Hope you are doing well and God's blessings to you and yours!
    2224 days ago
    GOODGETNBETR, hilarious! And, actually, all that tough talk about not crying...when my hubby put Neosporin on my shoulder, my eyes did a little sweatin' too! hahaha!

    And, you're right. No one "plans" to crash. Honestly, when we started that ride, hubby and I discussed the fact that we need to start wearing our helmets again. This was just a confirmation from above, I guess! At least HE gave me a subtle nudge to wear my helmet. This really could've been much, much worse! It's by the grace of God that it wasn't.
    2224 days ago
    Glad you survived the tumble. Your crash is the second I've read on SP recently and I'm motivated to get a helmet because you just never know what the other person's gonna do. emoticon on your longest ride! As for crying, sometimes my eyes sweat. Just saying ;)
    2224 days ago
  • TIFFY0906
    Congrats on your longest ride. Even though your bruises look like they hurt, glad to hear that you are doing good. Even though I don't curse I think maybe one curse word would have come out of my mouth LOL.
    2225 days ago
    Thanks CassiOepia!
    2225 days ago
    Glad that you are alright AND that you realized now how important a helmet is. Sorry for the disruption in an otherwise AWESOME ride. Great job!

    2225 days ago
    Thanks PixieCute! Each time I ride a little farther makes me feel...well, it's hard to explain! But I feel so much stronger than I thought I would ever be on a bike! If that makes any sense...
    2225 days ago
    Oh no :( Glad you're okay!! Hopefully those kids don't do that again... I like how you ended the blog though... you're right finishing 16.2 miles, especially after that is definitely JOY!! Nice job :)
    2225 days ago
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