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6 New Uses for Ice Cube Trays

Saturday, April 21, 2012

6 New Uses for Ice Cube Trays

Inexpensive and easy to find, ice cube trays are useful in so many ways! From organizing small items to freezing flavorings, our six ideas will help you recognize the true potential of your trays.

Perfectly Portioned Snacks

When serving kids snacks, place a few treats in each cube and set the tray out during a play date or sleepover. You’ll limit excessive snacking while providing a yummy mini-buffet of options.

Save Flavorings or Sauces

Line your tray with plastic wrap, then fill each cube with a flavorful mix, like pesto. When it comes time to add a dash of flavor to a dish, pop out a cube and add it to your recipe!

Frozen Juice

Fill your ice cube tray with leftover juice and place it in the freezer. Your juice cubes can be used in a recipe, to chill a glass of juice without diluting the flavor or to sweeten a glass of water.

Organize Craft Supplies

Use the compartments of your tray to sort small craft supplies. Next time you start a project, gather your supplies in a tray, using each compartment to store a different type of item.

Jewelry Storage

Place your ice cube tray in a drawer and use each space to house a different piece of jewelry. It’s a great solution for storing rings, pins, earrings and more in an easy-to-access location.

Office Organization

Give small office supplies a spot to call home by placing an ice cube tray in a desk drawer. The small compartments are perfect for storing items like paperclips, pushpins and even USB drives.

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