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Friday, April 20, 2012

I've noticed a few changes this week and all of them make me grin.... First, my workouts have been great. I finally feel back into my workouts and am kicking butt! Feels good to get some good workouts in this week.

Second, because of those good workouts and some paining I did the other day, I have that good feeling sore all over. I like it. Not painful, but noticeable when I move and feel a different muscle group--yay for working out new muscles!!!

Third, my mood and energy both have improved. I just feel happy.. I woke up not so grumpy this week. I was rocking out in my car, literally dancing at 5:30 a.m. on the drive to work.

Fourth, I noticed that along with my mood and energy, I literally have a pep in my step and more of them too! I take extra movement through the day, move more in general. No longer do I dread a half mile walk because of the pain or not sure if I can do it. Walking through our facility at work (which is HUGE and LONG) is no longer a chore, but instead an extra chance for me to walk with some intention on my way to a meeting.

Fifth, the fact that the scale and weight are not my only focus is such a nice relief. Yes of course I want to get the weight off, but now that I started running I have set some other goals. The 5k is a great distraction from the scale and I've noticed how much more I can do from where I started just a few short months ago. My goodness, I am a RUNNER!!!

Sixth, my self esteem has sky rocketed and I am still a chunky monkey. I remember not too long ago being at this weight, but as my weight crept up my self esteem tanked. Now as I am once again back in the 220s, I walk proudly into a room. Last year at this time, I remember telling my sister that I timed when I would walk into our work cafeteria because of my weight. I knew when the cafeteria would be near empty, run in, grab what I needed and back to my desk. Not that the people have changed or I am looking any different than I was a year ago, but that my mentality has changed. Perhaps it is because I am feeling strong, or just knowing that I am doing something about it. It will only be a matter of time --maybe a long time, but eventually my body will catch up with my mind and how I feel.

Seventh-- I am so much more aware of my body and what I am doing. My posture has improved because I am paying attention to how I feel. I stretch more, all the time actually. It just feels so good!! I like being able to feel each muscle group and am so much more aware of how my back, my arms, me legs, my waist, each one feels. It feels great!

Reading Spark this week, I came across a blog or article about living with intention. I have since said this to myself several times. I want to always live with inention. That just stuck with me and truly, that is my goal--to live my life intentionally, not just in weight, but in all areas. Intentionally be a good employee, the best mom, not eat mindlessly, spend mindlessly, or parent mindlessly... Wish I knew who made the comment so I could thank them!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great goals and progress! Keep up the good work!

    Could this be the author?
    FUNKY5RED posted this poem about Living with Intention on her blog.

    Live with intention.
    walk to the edge.
    listen hard.
    practice wellness.
    play with abandon.
    choose with no regret.
    continue to learn.
    appreciate your friends.
    do what you love.
    live as if this is all there is.
    -----mary ann radmacher
    2552 days ago
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